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One of the most intreguing 2009 picks Ole Miss OT Michael Oher
One of the most intreguing 2009 picks Ole Miss OT Michael Oher

I don’t claim to be any sort of NCAA Football expert as I did not see any live college football on tv here in England.

We do have the opportunity to subscribe to NASN (North American Sports Network) on satellite tv, but the cost is too high for me, and you can get ‘Pardon the Interruption’ and ‘Around the Horn’ free as podcasts on I-tunes – so why fay for it?
Bottom line the annual college draft is a bit of a mystery to me as aside from the big big names like Matthew Stafford and Michael Crabtree the draft contains a lot of college atheletes I will never have heard of before they get picked by the 32 NFL teams.
In this years draft  however there is one exception to my proverbial crap shoot of names and numbers – Ole Miss Rebels
offensive tackle Michael Oher.
Oher is predicted to be a 1st round pick anywhere from about pick 10 to pick 25, and at points in time over the past 12 months has been top 5.
So why do I claim to have inside knowledge on a 6 fee 6 inch tall 325 lb offensive tackle from Mississippi ? Well I read the Michael Lewis Book ‘The Blind Side’ and I now have an emotional attachment to Oher that I have fo no other draft pick.
The image of Oher walking the streets wearing the same pair of shorts and the same t-shirt day in day out before he is discovered by a rich white family and turned into an NFL prospect is pure Hollywood I thought when I read the book, and now I read today that Sandra Bullock is going to star in the movie ‘The Blind Side’ about Oher (obviously not as him though!).
The book details Oher’s background, including his childhood which sounded scarier than watching a Saw movie on magic mushrooms. Oher overcame more trauma than the rest of his high Briarcrest high-school football team mates put together, and is now due for a payday that seemed a million miles away at the start of this decade.
Whoever picks Oher will get a guy that is a physical specimen that was born to play football, even if he didn’t know it himself. Oher fancied himself as a basketball player in his early sporting career, but grew to a size at a young age that had college scouts dribbling into their foolscap contract folders.
For two days last year Oher declared himseld eligible for the 2008 NFL draft, but took wise counsel (not sure from who) to play his senior year in college. His reward? A Cotton Bowl win over Texas Tech.
Now I must remind you that on the losing team that day was the ‘potential’ #1 2009 NFL draft pick Michael Crabtree. Funny how it’s such a small world.
I hope Oher gets drafted in the top 10 – he will be a huge asset to whoever drafts him. People who know a lot more than me compare him to Rams OT Orlando Pace. That’s the same Orlando Pace who has a Superbowl winners ring on his finger and two conference championship rings too.
Quite a legacy to live up to, but I believe Oher will become a Pro Bowl OT and make his NFL team smile as wide as the Mississippi river.