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My sneaky first touchdown bet - rookie Lamichael James

My sneaky first touchdown bet – rookie Lamichael James

I’m not normally a betting man. In fact I only venture into the bookies twice a year, once for the Grand National and once for the Super Bowl.

I have had a few big Super Bowl winning payouts, but really any gambling undertake is simply for fun and I expect to win nothing.

I’ve put on five bets this year with only four that’s can possibly reap rewards.

Most Valuable Player

Michael Crabtree (20-1) 49ers wide receiver. Crabtree is very clearly Colin Kaepernick’s number omen target and Ravens cornerbacks are good but not All Pro standard. Wide receivers have won MVP awards in recent memory, and whilst it’s all about the quarterback, Crabtree has been a true crutch for three months. I have to laugh as I got 20-1 on Friday, just checked online Saturday night and Crabtree is now 16-1 with the same firm.

Ed Reed (66-1) Ravens safety. This is my outside bet for sure. Ray Lewis already has an MVP award, so if the Ravens D pull it out the bag it could be Reed who does the biggest damage. Reed is a turnover monster, and say he gets two interceptions, one being a pick=six then this could be a reality. Unlikely, but hey if you don’t speculate you certainly won’t accumulate.

First Touchdown Scorer

Frank Gore (7-1) 49ers running back or Lamichael James (25-1) 49ers running back. Now sods law says that because I have bet on either the number one or number two San Francisco running back to score first that either the Ravens take the opening kickoff and return it for a touchdown or Colin Kaepernick scores on the ground first himself. The first td scorer really has no true science to it, as there are far too many things that could happen. I have gone 49ers ground game because I rate the 49ers offensive line as one of the top units in the NFL. If the Niners try to establish the run early they will give the rock to Gore, who is capable of 8 carries in a single drive. Rookie James, the former Oregon Duck, has chosen the right time to be injury free and has some major grease in his wheels. Fantasy football fans hate touchdown vultures, those players who come in for the score after the rest of the team has left body parts on the field in an energy sapping drive, arise sir Lamichael James flying through the air like a vulture*/duck* (*=delete as applicable).

Winning margin

Now this may offend any Ravens fans, so apologies in advance, but I have gone for the 49ers to win by 13-18 (7-1). My actual score prediction is 31-17 to the 49ers. My rationale for this score is as follows. I see the first half being cagey with both teams trying to establish the run and get the tight-ends involved to get outside linebackers a bit spooked into contemplating the virtues of prolific blitzing. I have it 17-10 to the 49ers at half-time on the back of a Gore run and something like a Delanie Walker or Bruce Miller catch.

I then have the 49ers defense coming out of the locker room having learnt how to contain the Ravens deep passing, getting an early third quarter Flacco interception. From there 24-10 behind a second Gore run. Flacco to then make it interesting with a big drive of his own ending in an Anquan Boldin score. I then see Kaepernick and the ball control offense putting the nail in the coffin mid-way through the final period with an Anthony Dixon plunge. Flacco to mount a late comeback but turn the ball over again.

OK this is all in my head and about as likely to happen as Alex Smith throwing the winning score in double overtime, but betting is no science, its a bit of fun, and win or lose it always makes my Super Bowl viewing that bit tastier, alongside my big ol’ bowl of toffee popcorn and peanut M and M’s.

Anyone else got any predictions?



Have to admit there is not a lot of better feelings in the world than the dawn of a new NFL season, in this case the 2012 season which is only 2 days and a few hours away.

I guess beggars can’t be choosers but having the two teams I hate the most facing each other in the season opener is a bit disappointing but its regular season, non-lockout, real football so lets get it on.

So without any further ado here are my annual NFL predictions for the 2012-2013 NFL Season;

Division winners

AFC EAST – New England Patriots

AFC NORTH – Baltimore Ravens

AFC SOUTH – Houston Texans

AFC WEST – Denver Broncos

AFC WILD CARDS – Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals

NFC EAST – Dallas Cowboys

NFC NORTH – Detroit Lions

NFC SOUTH – Atlanta Falcons

NFC WEST – San Francisco 49ers

NFC WILD CARDS – Green Bay Packers, New York Giants

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP – Packers @ Lions

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP – Texans @ Ravens

SUPER BOWL XLVIII – Detroit Lions v Houston Texans

SUPER BOWL XLVIII Winner – Houston Texans

SUPER BOWL MVP – Arian Foster, RB, Houston Texans

NFL MVP – Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions

NFL Offensive Player of the Year – Arian Foster RB Texans

NFL Defensive Player of the Year – Mario Williams DE Buffalo Bills

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year – Russell Wilson QB Seattle Seahawks

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year – Luke Kuchely, LB, Carolina Panthers

NFL Comeback Player of the Year – Peyton Manning, QB, Denver Broncos

NFL Coach of the Year – John Fox Denver Broncos

NFL Team with best regular season record – New England Patriots

NFL Team with worst regular season record – Cleveland Browns

NFL rushing title (by yards) – Lesean McCoy Philadelphia Eagles

NFL receiving title (by yards) – Roddy White Atlanta Falons

NFL passing title (by yards) – Tom Brady New England Patriots

So there we go – the 48th Super Bowl between two teams that have never made the big dance before.

Even if both don’t make it I have a real feeling one of these two ‘upside’ teams will make it to the final dance. I think no-one really imagined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the New Orleans Saints winning a Super Bowl in their lifetimes (especially if you followed the teams in the 1980s).

We are in the age of the un-coverable wideout, the athletic tight end and the 5000 yard passer. Aside from the huge question mark that is the Detroit Lions running game I think my AFC and NFC predictions have some amazingly talented athletes.

As for my Redskins if I actively publish zero expectations any playoff action will be one huge late Christmas present.

Turner has the legs to take the Falcons to the Super Bowl

I have to admit I have been somewhat lacklustre towards this blog in the past month. It has been brass monkeys here in England (damm cold to those who have no idea what I’m talking about).

The 2010 NFL season has been pretty weird overall, with very few teams rising to the top. Some players have had remarkable seasons so far, namely;

  • Broncos WR Brandon LLoyd – Lloyd’s COMBINED stats for 2007-2009 were a ghastly 36 catches for 495 yards and two tds. In JUST 12 games he has 60 catches for 1,153 yards and 9 scores. Lloyd deserves a trip to the Pro Bowl at this rate. What is even more staggering is his YPC – 19.2 freaking yards.
  • Texans RB Arian Foster – Yes Foster performed an admirable cameo towards the end of the 2009 season, but even the most optimistic fantasy fans did not project 1,230 yards rushing, 479 yards receiving and 15 total trips to the endzone. Foster is on target for a memorable season with over 1,500 rushing yards and possible the NFL rushing crown.
  • Colts QB Peyton Manning – At the rate he is going, having passed for over 4000 yards in 12 games, Peyton could (now watch me curse it!) break the NFL single season passing yards record held by Dan Marino. At present Manning is on pace to smash the record (his projected 16 game figure is 5370 yards).

Back before the start of the season I predicted a Vikings v Ravens Super Bowl. It’s December and I still stick with one half of my prediction.

I still have the Ravens representing the AFC in the big game, but my NFC prediction is now a toss up between the Packers and the Falcons.

Because the Falcons can run and pass with equal efficiency I see the ‘clean’ birds heading back to play for the Vince Lombardi trophy in the New Year.

What is YOUR Super Bowl prediction for this season?