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Is Ozzie a genius for signing Stallworth?

I think Ozzie Newsome is one of the best general managers in the NFL.

He drafts wisely and knows how to find talent amongst the frozen sea of mediocrity, but I have to put into question his latest personnel decision.

Hiring convicted drunk driver Donte Stallworth could turn out to be a move typical of a Russian chess master, but equally it could backfire like a chav’s pimped up Ford Fiesta with neon strip lighting and tinted windows.

Here are a few facts about WR Stallworth that you may or may not know;

– He has never started all 16 games in a season

– He has never reached 1,000 receiving yards in a season

– He has 101 receptions in the last 4 NFL seasons

– His best receiving TD output was just 7 in 2005

– The Ravens is Stallworth’s 5th team

– Stallworth has over 30,000 Twitter followers

Stallworth has always promised a lot but delivered little.

The Ravens are not the Bengals or the Raiders, homes to the outcasts, the lost souls, the proverbial un-dead stuck in transit, so the fact they took a gamble on Stallworth means they have spotted something that a whole bunch of other teams have not.

I am surprised how quickly Stallworth has been snapped up just days after he was reinstated to the NFL (and then immediately released by the Cleveland Browns).

$900,000 and a 1 year deal is by no means the biggest risk in the world taken by the Ravens, but I feel it will all end in tears.

The Ravens do need to upgrade their receiving corps, but this move is a little early, and a little surprising.

DO you think Stallworth will make the final cut come August? Can he be reborn or is this a bit of straw clutching by Mr Newsome?