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Lovin it - forget top 100 I'm top 60.

Yes it’s been longer than Ron Jeremy’s penis since I last posted to this blog, but I have been wrapped up with far too many NFL fantasy teams for just one human being.

I have teams in, and and even a few on Facebook.

Its funny though, my actual favourite fantasy team that I manage is on Sky Sports – where you pick a different team every week – 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 team defense.

For some reason Sky Sports and NFLUK officials (the joint competition hosts) still had their fingers stuck up their butt cheeks so the competition only began in Week 2.

With three NFL weeks in the books in this competition I am very proud to say I am ranked 6oth in the UK. I am pretty happy with that, but I want to crack the top 50 next week.

One thing for sure is that I am enjoying playing this game and there is absolutely no cost.

It does start getting interesting from Week 5 and beyond as the bye weeks start kicking in so its not only picking the best, its making sure my players are actually suiting up at the weekend.

Another monster fantasy week from Chris Johnson helped me finish 9th in the planet in Week 14

I had a feeling that I had done quite well in picking 7 players and a team defense in the Sky Sports (UK based) weekly NFL fantasy football competition after 6 of my 7 picks had absolute monster games last Sunday.

The likes of Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, Ray Rice and Drew Brees performed admirably and my few secret picks were doing pretty well too.

In this game you get to change your line up every week (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 team defense) all within a set budget.

Well to cut a long story short any score of 150 or over will see you in the top 100.

I calculated that by the end of Sunday night I had 152 points and still had Vernon Davis yet to play on Monday Night Football against the Cardinals.

To say I slept light was an understatement of epic proportions. Tuesday morning first thing I did was go online on my phone to check the MNF result and discovered that Davis had a poor game yardage wise (37) but a touchdown, making my total score 161.

With that in mind I started dreaming that I had won the weekly contest, which means an NFL football, an NFL shirt and a one in eighteen chance of winning tickets to the Superbowl in a season ends prize draw.

I had won the weekly contest around this time of the season about 4 or 5 years ago and got a huge buzz from seeing my name on tv, as well as having Nick Halling make a sarcastic comment about me (following the many emails I used to pepper the Sky Sports studio with).

I checked the standings around 1pm on Tuesday during my lunchtime on my phone and was absolutely gutted to find out that I finished joint 9th.

Some guy called ‘big shooter’ managed to get 175 points, using many of the same players as I had, except he had DeSean Jackson on his team, and he to me was the so-called ‘x-factor’, unlike Joe McElderry who will in 12 month be the z-factor.

‘big shooter’ certainly hit his target in week 14. All I can do is reload my weapon and fire it a bit more accurately in week 15….and no I wont be revealing my team to anyone until the week is over !

Good luck to all Sky Sports fantasy NFL players and I look forward to seeing more of Britball superstar Mark Cohen in the Sky Sports studio.