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We must never forget

It hasn’t quite sunk in that this Sunday marks 10 years since the atrocities of 9/11/2001.

I will always remember where I was – I was working in Coventry, England (home to Lady Godiva) in an open plan office.

A chubby guy called Barry who had dyed spiky blonde hair said that one of the World Trade Towers had been hit by an aeroplane.

Immediately myself and my colleagues in the marketing team went on the internet and we were hit by the fact sites were loading really slowly.

We knew Barry as a bit of  a comedian, but his face on that day was no joke, and soon we were all distracted from the day job wanting to find out what was happening on the other side of the pond.

I was living in a rented room at the time, but I did have cable tv in my room so as soon as I got home I was glued to my tv set, flicking between Sky News, ITN News and BBC News channels.

I don’t think I actually went to sleep, I was simply mesmerised by the images in front of me, images that I only thought existed in Hollywood disaster movies with aliens and superheroes.

I was right in one respect though in terms of there being superheroes in front of my eyes that night. There were thousands of superheroes on my screen in front of me on 9/11, superheroes without capes or masks, superheroes who lost their lives, superheroes who sacrificed their futures to try and save people that day, superheroes who wore civic uniforms, superheroes without x-ray vision or the ability to fly.

The men and women who died on 9/11 should be remembered on Sunday, along with those who survived but had their lives scarred forever, knowing they have seen people jump out of burning buildings or knowing they hadn’t taken that elevator up and had a chance to escape.

Sunday will again see teams suiting up and taking to the field from the two cities most devastated by 9/11, as the Washington Redskins play the New York Giants in Landover, Maryland.

It is extremely important that life does go on and we play America’s Game across the country 10 years on from the biggest act of terrorism in modern history.

Playing on Sunday is fantastic for NFL fans around the world, but we must never forget the day that changed the planet.