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One way to combat the off-season blues - watching people play Madden

I recently upgraded to a bit of High Definition (HD) Sky TV, meaning better clarity for sports events, and stunning detail on some cool shows such as Lost and 24.

Whilst HD is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, getting it on Sky does mean a few extra channels that I had never watched (or even heard of).

One of the new HD channels I can now get is Rush HD (Sky Channel 452), a mix of extreme sports and computer game shows, including would you believe a whole 1 hour show a week devoted to the NFL Madden game.

Pubescent boys and young men looking like wannabe gangstas are pitted against each other to see who has the best XBOX 360 Madden skills.

The show airing at 11pm on a Friday night is certainly one for the Sky+ recording system, but as a fun thing to watch on a lazy Saturday morning/afternoon it can’t be beat.

The Madden Challenge is unfortunately using the Madden 2008 game, so most of the competitors, who had won regional heats across America to qualify for the televised stages, are either the New England Patriots (Randy Moss is scarily good on that version) or the San Diego Chargers (with a fully fit Ladanian Tomlinson and Cromartie at his career peak).

The host wears some pretty nasty shirts, which remind me of the ones Will Smith wore when he was in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the show has two fully grown men wearing those giant black headphones that commentators have when they are broadcasting live from a packed out stadium.

The young men competing are a mix of geeks and cocksure jocks, but watching the action is entertaining. The rules are not fully explained, but there is a mercy rule that if you have a lead of over 28 points I think you automatically win.

Above all it is a bit of a healthy break from the next two months worth of draft speculation, which even for the most avid fan, will get a bit tiresome by the time we hear analysis on Division II long snapper prospects.

As it says in the title of this post – anyone else watching this?