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The ginger prince rejected my questions

Had the rather disappointing email earlier today that informed me that I was not one of the 175 ‘random’ (yeah right) fans that would have the opportunity to ask NFL commissioner Roger Goodell some direct questions the day before the Broncos play the 49ers at Wembley on October 31.

This is the email I got from NFLUK

Dear Lawrence Vos

Unfortunately because of a huge flood of applications to meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and participate in a Q&A with him on Saturday October 30th we could not accommodate your request to attend at the present time.

The event was heavily oversubscribed, and we randomly chose 175 people to attend. We have asked that any of those that were picked that now cannot make it for any reason let us know as soon as possible so that we can invite some of you that missed out to take their place.

On Saturday afternoon there will be an opportunity to hear the Commissioner speak and answer some of the type of questions that you sent in, when he is interviewed at the NFL Fan Rally event in Trafalgar Square. The interview will take place within the first hour of the Fan Rally – which starts at 1pm – so come down early to see him along with NFL greats Jerry Rice, Roger Craig and current 49ers head coach Mike Singletary, as well as music and entertainment. Click here for further details.

We hope to see you at Trafalgar Square on Saturday October 30th and also at Wembley for the 2010 NFL International Series game between the 49ers and Broncos on Sunday.

Thank you again for your application to meet the Commissioner and please accept our sincere apology that we could not fit you in.


Polite yes, the complete truth? Not sure about that.

Here are the questions I asked that will now remain unanswered;

1) What % of likelihood is there to move the Jacksonville Jaguars to England?
2) How far do you think you will cripple the global growth of the NFL if there is a player strike in 2011?
3) The World League failed, NFL Europe failed, what makes you think there is a future for the NFL in England?
4) Did you know you need to have TWO SEPARATE satellite television contracts to watch Sunday NFL games and Monday Night football?
5) Any plans to introduce the NFL Sunday ticket onto a European satellite audience?
6) Which player or players are in your eyes the ‘Face’ of the NFL in 2010?
7) Why do you give players who take drugs a second chance and why did you let someone who fought dogs to death back into the league? Just because he can effectively scramble does not make Michael Vick the comeback player of the year.
8) Are there any NFL team who refuse to come over to play in England?
9) How likely is it that we move to an 18 game regular season?
10) What was it like the first time you picked up an NFL football and saw YOUR signature on it?
Come on Roger – we want answers!


Alex Smith is facing splinters quite soon

The second coming of 49ers QB Alex Smith has NFL fans around the world about as excited as opening a gas bill.

With just two weeks to go until the 49ers make the longest regular season road trip in their history I have to confess I am not exactly feeling like  ‘a six year old on Christmas Day’.

This was supposed to be a team that would ‘hit people in the mouth’ en-route to a division winning record of 11-5 or 12-4.

Instead we have a team that is falling apart at the seams, boasting a giant goose egg in the win column. The evidence for a wasted season is mounting up.

  • Head coach Mike Singletary has said in public that there is a ‘rat’ in the organisation
  • Veteran safety Mike Lewis asked for his release, and it was granted
  • Offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye was sacked
  • After 5 weeks the team ranks 31st out of 32 in scoring offence, and 30th in rushing yards

Eight offensive touchdowns in five NFL games is hardly the stuff that Roger Goodell would have imagined when he signed off the agreement for the 49ers to come and play at Wembley on Halloween.

Unless the 49ers can somehow start a miracle run against their local rivals the Oakland Raiders on Sunday then all the fans coming to Wembley will witness a Halloween trick of the most ghoulish proportions.

I’m home, and watching a rom-com with my wife, all in all a very relaxing day. Time I thought to put on my NFL goggles and reminisce about the past decade. Someone pass the dry roasted peanuts please.

This giant Jason Taylor greeted UK NFL fans at Wembley in 2007


It was a dream that I had since I first watched highlights of the Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys in 1985, getting to see real NFL football that mattered over here in England.

Guess I didn’t know back then that the NFL had already sent the St Louis Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings to Wembley in 1983 to play a preseason game. 

 Now I was too young (and didn’t have enough pocket-money saved up) to go and see the Chicago Bears play the Dallas Cowboys (1986) or the Los Angeles Rams battle the Denver Broncos (1987) in preseason games in London, but I did make up for it.

From 1988 to 1993 I went to every NFL preseason game in London, watching the likes of the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys and even the Detroit Lions.

It was incredible fun (even though back then the NFL organisers had no bloody clue what an NFL tailgate party is) to see real NFL superstars play in front of me, even if it was only for a quarter or even in some cases a single sustained drive.

By the time we got to 1993 I was one of thousands of now quite educated NFL fans who found it a bit insulting to fly the likes of Troy Aikman and Barry Sanders over to London only to see them suit up for 5 minutes and then watch them spend the rest of the game eating sunflower seeds in jeans and t-shirts.

This must have got back to the NFL who pulled the trips over the pond, and instead focussed on other parts of the world, including Japan, Mexico, Canada and Australia.

Fast forward over a decade and we still have no further NFL games in England, but the rumours began after Roger Goodell becomes the NFL Commissioner in 2006, replacing the steady but not so ‘blue sky thinking’ commish Paul Tagliabue.

When it was announced at the end of 2006 that a REAL regular season NFL game was going to be played at Wembley Stadium I was more excited than Tiger Woods with a free VIP all access ticket to the Playboy Mansion.

He wore Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmoonnnnnnnn !

Yes the game between the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins actually sucked. Primarily this was due to the godawful weather in London in late October, but we also had to witness the Dolphins trying to win a game with the legendary Cleo Lemon behind center (sorry Cleo I love you really).

The score really didn’t matter, nor did the quality of the gameplanning or execution of the plays, the fact we had an NFL contest that actually contributed to the storied history of the league was all that mattered.

Ted Ginn Jr’s first NFL touchdown will forever be frozen in time in the memory bank of each and every fan that was there at the game.

I for one will never forget the humongous Jason Taylor animatronics robot, nor the way the Giants and the Dolphins tore the hallowed Wembley turf to shreds, nor will I forget that each run, each tackle, each kick and each pass will be entered for real into the NFL Record and Fact book forever more.

Eli warms up for his Superbowl win with a win in London in 2007

Roger Goodell you did all of the UK and European fans of the NFL proud, and to boot the winning team from the 2007 game, the New York Giants, went on to win the Superbowl with a late late Eli Manning touchdown.

 Two further games down the line and it looks like the NFL will have TWO regular season games in the UK in 2010.

Can’t wait !

Wipe that Mona Lisa smile of  your face Vick

Wipe that Mona Lisa smile of your face Vick

If there is one thing that I have learned from this whole sorry Michael Vick saga it is how hypocritical American sports reporters are. Forgiving Vick for his dog fighting is weak and pathetic.

Yes Vick served his time in prison, but are we just supposed to all go ‘well gee what a model citizen he is is – we forgive him for being a sicko who trained dogs to maim and kill each other’ ?

Am I the only one to see through all this utter nonsense and say Vick should not be earning millions of dollars doing something he loves?

I have always hated the Philadelphia Eagles, as a lifelong Redskins fan, but my hatred has been of a controlled divisional rival type, one where I do not wish an Eagles players to get hurt, just one where I hope the lose more games than they win each season.

All the mythology about Eagles fans at the Vet throwing snowballs at Santa Claus – forget that – I say any visiting fans should visit a building site before they arrive at Veterans Stadium in order to stock up with bricks.

In fact why not make the Eagles home opener on 20 September v the New Orleans Saints should be renamed ‘Throw a Brick at Vick’ Day.

I dont ask for much in life, but I would like to see Michael Vick stripped naked and then get him to step into a small cage and take on three starved pitbulls. Screw the jail sentence where he was probably seen as some cheap hero by his peers.

Roger Goodell you are a weak man. Jeffrey Lurie you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

Today is a sad day for the morality of mankind.