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My one year old put these letters on the bathroom wall this evening

My one year old put these letters on the bathroom wall this evening

Right now I am calm as it hasn’t really sunk in.

I keep saying it in my head but the words don’t seem real.

The Redskins win on Sunday Night, they win the NFC East and get their ticket stamped into the playoffs.

Not the fantasy playoffs or the latest Madden season I’m playing, but the real NFL playoffs, the ones where you play real games beyond the statutory sixteen.

I was trying to explain this to our one year old daughter as my wife  washed her in the bath this evening.

It was then our daughter Gabriella cleared her throat and stood up naked in the bath, frantically grabbing sponge letters she had as a present from Father Christmas just yesterday.

We both sat back in awe as she slapped the letters onto the bath tiles – one by one spelling out a phrase.

Please see what she wrote and if you are a Redskins fan please post this link everywhere you can.

And thus the chant begins………………………

Let’s hope we see Kirk and his big hair this Sunday

Ross Tucker may talk a lot of nonsense in his ESPN Football Today podcast, but I happen to strongly agree with one of his sentiments this week that there is no such thing as a ‘mild’ concussion. You either have a concussion or you don’t.

The Redskins star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered an alleged ‘mild’ concussion last week in a tough loss to the Atlanta Falcons. It was well documented that he could not recall the score or the quarter he was in the second time that trainers asked him to give some straight forward responses.

So what are the Redskins likely to do this weekend against the rabid Minnesota Vikings? Rest their franchise for a week and make sure any spiders are gone and not still forming cobwebs in his cranium or just bow to fan pressure and the need to get back to a .500 record by starting him for the sixth week in a row?

Looks like the Redskins are going to bring back RG3 seven days after he couldn’t tell if he was on the opening drive or performing a two-minute drill.

Big big mistake if they do decide to bring him back, and to compound this sense of doom RG3 will be restricted from his natural style of play where he uses his feet to move the chains, along with his arm.

Fellow Redskins rookie passer Kirk Cousins had a real mixed bag in his first spell of NFL action, finding a wide open Santana Moss for a huge td, but also showed his misjudgment and lack of experience with two second half interceptions.

No matter I would rather see Cousins trying his best than watching an RG3 who is thinking too hard, or maybe in some of the darker recesses not thinking at all whilst the cobwebs implanted by Sean Weatherspoon’s legal but lethal hit slowly disintegrate.

Mike and Kyle Shanahan be sensible and give RG3 an important job on Sunday……………………official clip-board holder.

The sexiest footwear ever

This is without doubt the sexiest pair of Nike trainers I have ever seen. I have a battered pair of Black and White Air Max and they served me well, but boy would I love a pair of these babies.

I can't wait to see #12 throw a bomb to #81
I can’t wait to see #12 throw a bomb to #81

Its now just under twenty-four hours until I park my rear in the gods of Wembley Stadium to witness two future Hall of Fame enshrinees have some fun beneath the giant arch and the drizzly London sky.

This will be my third year in a row attending a regular season NFL game at Wembley, having seen the New York Giants swim past the Miami Dolphins 13-10 (2007) and the New Orleans Saints outgun the San Diego Chargers 37-32 (2008).
It will be my 9th NFL game, having been present at six NFL pre-season games in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Without doubt Tom Brady and Randy Moss are THE biggest names to come to Wembley in the three years of NFL International Series games.
Brady with his three Superbowl winners rings and two Superbowl MVP trophies and Moss with…. well bizarrely no Superbowl wins at all and only one appearance.
To any non-UK fans reading this and curious about the pre-game hype over on this side of the pond, I must say that it has barely registered a blip on the zeitgeist of contemporary popular culture.
There was quite a decent article about Brady in the Independent newspaper today – the writer James Corrigan managed to draft a whole page of text without mentioning William ‘the Fridge’ Perry. I did spot one mistake – he spelt Bernard Pollard, the Chiefs safety who knocked Brady out of the 2008 season, with an extra h Bernhard. Maybe Bernard thought he deserved the hard title for keeping the Patriots away from a fourth Vince Lombadi trophy.
Talking of Vince Lombardi trophies an email from the marketing bods at NFLUK said that every single Superbowl trophy will be at the official tailgate party – if that is really the case then that is simply amazing.
Maybe if no-one is looking Ill grab one of the three Redskins Superbowl trophies (XVII, XXII or XXVI) after all about the only trophy the Redskins will be adding to their display cabinet is ‘Worst offense in NFL history’.
Above all I love the fact the NFL is still committed to trying to expand the game around the world. I wonder how many NEW fans are going to Wembley tomorrow? I would be interested to see how many repeat offenders there will be attending?
Unfortunately one person who will not be making it three in a row in my Black Country pal Garry. Garry and his wife Heather had prepared a bar-b-q behind the stadium for my wife and I in 2007 and 2008. This time they are on a USA road trip. Gaz – the game simply wont be the same. That and the fact we will be pocket raped by Wembley Stadium catering services.
Lets hope the drizzle and the 0-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers dont get in the way of some Brady to Moss fireworks.
Is it me or is this what Jason Campbell looks like every week?
Is it me or is this what Jason Campbell looks like every week?

I’ve snapped.

Normally I remain optimistic as a Redskins fan until around November/early December, but in just two games I have concluded that we are doomed as long as Jason Campbell is Washington’s starting quarterback.
Jason Campbell, who played on an insanely talented Auburn team (with the Dolphins Ronnie Brown and the Buccs Cadillac Williams in the backfield supporting him) has failed to make that transition into a top 10 NFL quarterback.
He cannot shake that ‘deer dazzled in the headlights’ look, and that simply cannot inspire the rest of his team when he steps into the huddle.
After two weeks Campbell has thrown for, wait for it, ONE touchdown. He has the same amount of touchdowns as our goddam punter, Hunter ‘the punter’ Smith.
To manage three field goals against a poor St Louis Rams team is pathetic, and lets not forget that the one touchdown he has tossed in 2009 was in garbage time when down by 14 points against the New York Giants.
Talking of the Giants, their QB Eli Manning used to own a similar scared rabbit look, but he now owns a Superbowl winners ring, and he is without doubt a top 10 NFL quarterback (even if it is #9 or #10).
Watching Manning make Mario Manningham look like an All Pro is quite hard to swallow as a Redskins fan, but I do admire Eli for maturing into a top grade gunslinger. I would go as far as to say the Manning to Steve Smith combo is one of the most reliable and consistent hookups in the entire NFL.
Manning to Steve Smith is becoming as reliable as Brady to Welker.
I cannot say that for Campbell to Malcolm Kelly, Campbell to Devin Thomas or Campbell to Santana Moss.
The one Washington wideout who has stepped up is Antwaan Randle El, who is AT LAST being moved into his natural position as a slot receiver. After two contests Randle El has 11 catches fo 137 yards. If he averages 5 catches a game over 16 games that is 80 grabs. This will only happen if the two starters Kelly and Moss show up each week.
Is it all Campbell’s fault I ask myself? Well no it isn’t. Second year wideouts Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas are anonymous, just like in 2008.
Te Redskins face the winless Detroit Lions this Sunday. I shouldn’t be nervous, but I AM.
Proof for at least one week that I am number one in the UK Fantasy competition

Proof for at least one week that I am number one in the UK Fantasy competition

What a shock – I get an email this evening from the NFLUK Fantasy Football team and it transpires that I am top of the entire competition after three full NFL weeks.

For all non UK readers you have to pick 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 Team D on a budget see here.

I did win a weekly prize about 3 or 4 years ago after Chris Cooley went mad and scored three touchdowns against the Cowboys, but I have never actually led the competition overall ever.

This should mean that I get my name up in lights – well I should get my name on Sky Sports this Sunday or Monday coming.

I know that this being top of the charts will not last long but its always fun to be top of the tree – shame I do not get any sort of prize.

I do hope that Nick Halling the Sky Sports NFL presenter remembers my name – he made a sarcastic comment about me a few years ago but he may well have forgotten me by now.

For all those UK readers I am not revealing my secrets – all I can say is that this is probably the first and last time that I will be top of the table all season so Ill bask in the temporary September sunshine!

Rivers is my first fantasy draft pick in the BBFL

Rivers is my first fantasy draft pick in the BBFL

For anyone who owns a fantasy NFL team that enables you to draft NFL rookies you will already know that it is a lottery, just like it is for real NFL owners.

Everyone thinks they are a genius GM, and with the added spice of getting a free ‘try before you buy’ sneak preview of NFL rookies in the NFL pre-season it is truly a case of wandering round the world’s biggest candy store with deep pockets full of loose change.

In my league the BBFL ( we are in the closing stages of a five round rookie draft, selecting at total of 100 NFL rookies who were drafted for real in the 2008 NFL Draft.

There are 20 teams, so each team starts a season with 5 picks each, but following furious trading and in some cases daylight robbing, we get to rookie draft week with picks locked and unable to be traded during the BBFL rookie draft. We also have a policy of the rookies not playing for a year, so those 2008 rookies drafted in the NFL will play in the 2009 BBFL season.

So after all the explanation where have I decided to go with the picks I have got ? Cue the screams of ‘you did whaaat?’ ‘you passed on whooo?’ ‘you drafted that clown?’

My 1st pick – Overall #8 in Rd One – Keith Rivers, LB, USC Trojans (drafted by #9 Bengals in NFL)

My 2nd pick – Overall #19 in Rd One – Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas Razorbacks (drafted # 22 by Cowboys NFL)

My 3rd pick – Overall # 59 in Rd 3 – Jason Jones, DT, Eastern Michigan Eagles (drafted # 54 by Titans in NFL)

My 4th pick – Overall #81 in Rd 5 – Donnie Avery, WR, Houston Cougars (drafted # 33 by Rams in NFL)

My 5th pick – Overall #88 in Rd 5 – Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville Cardinals (drafted # 56 by Packers in NFL)

My 6th pick – Overall #94 in Rd 5 – Terrell Thomas, CB, USC Trojans (drafted # 63 by Giants in NFL)

My 7th pick – Overall #99 in Rd 5 – Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas Jayhawks (drafted # 112 by Bengals in NFL)

Well here is my justification behind the picks !

I chose Rivers over the available Jerod Mayo because I think that Rivers will become a tackling machine and make an immediate impact as a Bengal, also coming from USC he will be used to the standards demanded by an NFL team.

As a Redskins fan I learnt many moons ago that cutting your nose of to spite your face is not a good NFL fantasy tactic, so I went for a Cowboy in the form of Fexix Jones. Firstly my league was seeing a run of running backs, secondly Jones has not been worn down at college because he was the support act to #4 overall pick Darren McFadden, thirdly Jones has an insane 7.6 yards a carry college career average, andfinally Jones will support Marion Barber III who will pound teams into submission, leaving Jones to become what I hope will be the Maurice Jones-Drew of 2008.

Grabbing Jones was what I would call a disciplined pick – there were a lot more sexy players out there including some wideouts that had slipped from round 2 in the NFL – I however needed a good young DT. Jones can play DT or DE and has already impressed King Headstomper Albert Haynesworth.

Avery for some bizarre reason slipped an incredible 48 places from where he was picked in the NFL draft for real, so I had to triple check my eyes were not decieving me. Yes indeed he is small, but he is already showing some of his talent after grabbing 5 balls for 65 yards in his first NFL pre-season game.

Again Brohm slipped down the BBFL draft ladder. With Aaron Rogers taking the helm at Green Bay, Brohm could be one ugly tackle from taking to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in his rookie season. Brohm was projected by many to be a first round pick, but being drafted in the second gives him a bit more breathing room to develop. I was chuffed to get Brohm, and despite his less than stellar pre-season outings I feel Brohm can be a winner at the next level.

Terell Thomas is going to potentially be the nickel back for the world champion Giants, and is another Trojan star, yet again he was available so I snagged him. He could get 30-40 tackles and maybe even an interception or two.

As for Collins, I don’t feel good if I dont get an offensive lineman prospect in a draft, and the Bengals need all the help they can get. Collins is highly regarded and can make an impact in 2008. I am a big fan of Andrew Whitworth, so I hope Collins learns from him, as he could be the eventual replacement for the legendary Willie Andrews.

Anyone please give me your opinion on the draft – any compliments ? Criticisms? let me know…….