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Gerhart will sure look good in purple

I have been playing a fantasy NFL game called Action PC Football for about five years now so I have taken part in a whole heap of drafts.

Nothing like what I did last weekend though.

In one of my leagues, the UFL, the 2010 rookie player draft rounds 1 to 3 took place BEFORE the real NFL draft.

I had 4 picks and many many team needs. Here are the players I drafted and when I drafted them (and their real selection in brackets).

Pick #3 – Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma (real pick #1 to St Louis Rams)

Pick #41 – Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford (real pick #51 to Minnesota Vikings)

Pick #59 – Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas (real pick #84 to Cincinnati Bengals)

Pick #62 – Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest (real pick #96 to Cincinnati Bengals)

I knew Bradford would go #1 in NFL draft and so I was fortunate to get him at #3 in the UFL. He was available after DT monsters Suh and McCoy went #1 and #2.

Gerhart I was expecting to go to the Broncos.  I am optimistic he will have a positive impact on the Vikings. Firstly the purple people eaters have no solid RB2, and Gerhard is gonna make teams wince in pain when he takes the field. Did I get best value for him where I selected him? Maybe not, but the guy was Heisman Trophy runner up earlier in the year.

As for Shipley and Ghee to both go to the Bengals in the third round (way below where I had picked them) it was abit of a surprise. Shipley has landed on a team that can utilise him as a returner and a slot receiver, and Ghee can work himself into the nickle-back role if he has a great training camp.

Above all drafting before the real draft is a risky business, but it sure makes you feel what its like to be ‘on the clock’.

Anyone got any thoughts on Bradford, Gerhart, Shipley or Ghee?

Bradford looks like he will be butting heads with Rams colleagues

Ok it’s that crazy crazy time of year when some young men in their early 20’s go ahead and get millions and millions of dollars.

Here’s my attempt at a Round 1 picks 1-10 with some notes

1 – Rams – Sam Bradford QB – Rams need help pretty much everywhere but it starts with the man behind centre

2 – Lions – Ndamukong Suh DT – Lions are showing some green roots of recovery, and Suh will be a rock at DT for a decade.

3 – Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy DT – Buccs know how important a cornerstone DT is (see a Mr W Sapp), so McCoy will get a lot of game time.

4- Redskins – Trent Williams OT – Redskins lost Samuels, and need an OT to protect McNabb.

5 – Chiefs – Dez Bryant WR – KC have lots of needs so this would be a bit of a shock – Cassel would smile till September if this happens

6 – Seahawks – Eric Berry S – Seattle are sliding back under the radar and they need some big brash talent in the secondary.

7 – Browns – Russell Okung T – Okung lands in the lap of the Browns and they just cant pass on him.

8 – Raiders – Jimmy Clausen QB – Its time for the Raiders to just give up on the walking walrus that is Jamarcus Russell. Clausen can help revive a team that has good running backs.

9 – Bills – CJ Spiller RB – Buffalo have talent with Fred Jackson, but that should not stop them grabbing Spiller to ignite the return game and get 150 carries as a rookie.

10 – Jags – Tim Tebow QB – The most talked about draft pick since the Manning/Leaf year, if Tebow stays in Florida he could become a legend, likewise he could be the new Todd Marinovich.

Any thoughts?