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McNabb is playing at the Linc - this time without wings on his helmet

I have to admit its been a somewhat flat start to the season for me.

A week 1 win for the Skins (just – thanks Alex Barron – cheque is in the post!) followed by two collapses, has me thinking this will be another season of doom and gloom.

And then the juiciest matchup in the entire NFL in Week 4 lands on my lap, and praise the lord Sky Sports here in England have selected it as the 4.15pm EST (9.15pm here) live game.

Talk about great stories coming from this game;

  • Washington QB comes back to Philly for the first time in his professional career NOT wearing the green of the Eagles
  • Professional dog killer Michael Vick has cemented himself as the number one signal caller in Philly and will be looking to show off his silky running skills and big arm on Sunday.

What makes this games so special is not only the fact it is one of the fiercest divisional rivalries in the NFL, both teams have not been able to establish the run, so they will be looking to McNabb and Vick to grab the game by the scruff of its neck.

The Eagles for sure have faster, younger and more talented wide receivers, with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. In the Burgandy and Gold corner is a bunch of WR that excites me as much as a luke-warm cappuccino from a petrol garage.

My prediction – When he was traded earlier this year and asked about returning to Rocky Balboa’s home town McNabb said it ‘would just be another game’ – what a bunch of crap. McNabb will be fired up, but so will the Eagles fans, and so will Philly head coach Any Reid. This game has the potential to be a classic, but the Redskins are simply not worth the hype. Going 14-0 down early to the bottom feeding Rams last week was enough to convince me that Washington will be picking top 12 in the 2011 draft. Hate to say it but I have the Eagles by 10.

Prediction – Eagles 27-17 Redskins – Vick to pull off a few dizzying scrambles and Trent Cole to get to McNabb twice.

Wipe that Mona Lisa smile of  your face Vick

Wipe that Mona Lisa smile of your face Vick

If there is one thing that I have learned from this whole sorry Michael Vick saga it is how hypocritical American sports reporters are. Forgiving Vick for his dog fighting is weak and pathetic.

Yes Vick served his time in prison, but are we just supposed to all go ‘well gee what a model citizen he is is – we forgive him for being a sicko who trained dogs to maim and kill each other’ ?

Am I the only one to see through all this utter nonsense and say Vick should not be earning millions of dollars doing something he loves?

I have always hated the Philadelphia Eagles, as a lifelong Redskins fan, but my hatred has been of a controlled divisional rival type, one where I do not wish an Eagles players to get hurt, just one where I hope the lose more games than they win each season.

All the mythology about Eagles fans at the Vet throwing snowballs at Santa Claus – forget that – I say any visiting fans should visit a building site before they arrive at Veterans Stadium in order to stock up with bricks.

In fact why not make the Eagles home opener on 20 September v the New Orleans Saints should be renamed ‘Throw a Brick at Vick’ Day.

I dont ask for much in life, but I would like to see Michael Vick stripped naked and then get him to step into a small cage and take on three starved pitbulls. Screw the jail sentence where he was probably seen as some cheap hero by his peers.

Roger Goodell you are a weak man. Jeffrey Lurie you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

Today is a sad day for the morality of mankind.

Perhaps the best example of the Madden Curse
Perhaps the best example of the Madden Curse

I’m here instead to raise my concerns about the health, happiness, well-being and possibly mortality of Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Steelers S Troy Polamalu.

They are the new faces of the Madden computer game.

Lets look at the fate of previous Madden stars

09 – Brett Favre QB – was pictured in Packers and Jets uniform but either way he crashed and burned late in the season and left his record setting career on a pretty awful note, hence his flirting with the Vikings.

08 – Vince Young QB – He is now backing up Kerry Collins – yep Kerry Collins. Young is about one cameo apperance from becoming the next Akili Smith

07- Shaun Alexander RB – In 2006 Alexander had his highest number of career fumbles and missed 6 games. His career has gone down quicker than Gillian Tailforth in a Little Chef car park.

06 – Donovan McNabb QB – In 05 McNabb only managed 9 games.

05 – Ray Lewis LB – Anyone for murder charges?

04 – Michael Vick QB – Enough said – 2 years in prison and global hatred from every dog lover

03 – Marshall Faulk RB – Only 10 starts and the first time in 6 years he rushed for under 1,000 yards

02 – Daunte Culpepper QB – 16 starts in 2000, 16 starts in 2002 – but in 2001 when he was on the Madden cover only 11 games.

01 – Eddie George RB – Only Madden cover star to have a MONSTER season – 1,962 combined yards and 16 touchdowns.

I have Fitz in one of my fantasy teams so I hope he stays fit.

It is pretty much a guarantee though that Fitz or Polamalw will suffer somewhat and I would put £10 on that both of them will combine to play under 30 games this season between them.

What u guys think – nonsense or curse of the cover?

It's crunch time in the celebrity cereal stakes now that TO has joined in !

It's crunch time in the celebrity cereal stakes now that TO has joined in !

I’m not sure what they put in the milk in Buffalo but we now have another Bill launching a breakfast time bowl filler.

It had to happen – not content with most of the NFL training camp spotlight now that Brett Favre has decided to stay retired (thank god!) Terrell ‘TO’ Owens has decided to give Doug Flutie a run for his money by launching his own cereal.

Terrell Owens TO’s – Honey Nut Toasted Oats (TO’s) will no doubt become THE cereal of choice for NFL fans across the United States of America (with the exception of his former team’s home cities of Dallas, Philadelphia and San Francisco).

It was former CFL and NFL quarterback Doug Flutie who started the relationship between breakfast goodness and NFL celebrity when he launched Flutie Flakes in 1998.

The pint-sized Flutie created his Flutie Flakes (frosted corn flakes) in order to raise money for the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism- established because Flutie’s son is Autistic.

I’m not convinced that the rationale behind the creation of Terrell Owens TO’s are quite as moral, but I am convinced they will sell by the shed-load.

As a rather bizarre fan of cereal packaging whenever I am anywhere in the world I like to visit supermarkets, whether in Mexico, Egypt, Thailand or the United States, much to the bemusement of my wife.

In previous visits to the States I have never quite managed to get hold of a box of the fabled Flutie Flakes, although in 2007 I did get a box of limited edition (yeah right!) Florida Gators Football Flakes.

The Gator Flakes now reside in my loft – and I welcome any bidders !

I am hoping to go to the States again in the Autumn so the crusade for Flutie Flakes will continue.

If that mission fails it looks like I will grab some Terrell Owens TO’s.

Here are some other considerations for marketing wizards and NFL agents:

 – Vick’s Vicious Dog Biscuits (All profits go to PETA)

– OchoCinco Helium Canisters – “Non stop hot air whenever you want it”

– Josh McDaniel’s Bird Repellent – “Removes all birds including JAY’s”

– Troy Polamalu’s Head and Shoulders – “The shampoo that hits the spot”

Anyone else got any ideas……………..

THE original Buffalo Bill cereal box cover pin-up

THE original Buffalo Bill cereal box cover pin-up

Ramsey Dardar's shirt in 1984 - his uniform is a bit different now !

Ramsey Dardar's shirt in 1984 - his uniform is a bit different now !

And no I’m not talking Micheal Vick. It was another appalling night of nonsense television here in England last night, with Big Brother limping along like a wounded deer.

My wife and I scanned through our Sky TV channels hoping for some sort of entertainment and stumbled across ‘Behind Bars – America’s Toughest Prisons’ on Bravo 2.

We both love watching shows about prisons, and as part of her studies my wife has in fact been to a UK prison and spoken to murderers serving life sentences.

We settled down to watch this show and to my surprise a brief trailer of what was to come in the next hour included a group of prisoners in rag-tag American football uniforms (looking more like the Jamaican bobsled team at the pushcart championships in the movie Cool Runnings).

When it came to the American football section of the prison show the narrator described the most famous inmate at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Centre in Louisiana as  former NFL defensive tackle Ramsey Dardar.

I have to confess I have never heard of Ramsey Dardar, but I listened with interest to the interview with Ramsey who said he played on the same Houston Oilers team as Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon.

I paused the show to look up Ramsey Dardar on the web and found out the following

1) Ramsey played for the LSU (Louisiana State University) Tigers as a starting defensive tackle in the late 70s and early 1980s

2) He was voted the 1982 SEC Defensive Lineman of the Year by the Atlanta Touchdown Club

3) He played in the 83 Orange Bowl – a 21-20 loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers (led by running back Mike Rozier)

4) He was drafted #71 overall (3rd round) of the 1983 NFL Draft by the St Louis Cardinals  – but as a rookie went on injured reserve before the season started

5) He was ALSO drafted #27 (3rd round) in the 1983 USFL Draft by the New Jersey Generals but never played for them. The Generals 1983 roster included future NFL stars Herschel Walker who ran for 1,812 yards on a mind blowing 412 carries that year.

5) He played one season in the NFL – 1984 for the St Louis Cardinals

6) He hung around the NFL throughout the mid 80’s and that included being released in August 1986 from the New York Giants, and being released from the Houston Oilers on September 1 1987

7) Dardar played on the same LSU team as Leonard Marshall. Marshall was drafted also in 1983 (#37 overall) by the New York Giants. Marshall went on to play 177 games in the NFL including winning two Superbowl rings for the Giants, in 1986 and 1990)

8) Dardar was drafted ahead of the following former NFL stars in 1983 – Charles Mann DE Redskins, Greg Townsed DE Raiders, Superbowl XX MVP Richard Dent DE Bears, and Karl Mecklenberg DE Broncos

It has been difficult to find the exact story that has led Ramsey Dardar from trying to find a job on an NFL roster in the 80s to becoming a prisoner at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Centre in Louisiana, but it seems he is serving numerous sentences for robbery (including armed robbery) to feed a drug addiction.

One of his former LSU Tiger team mates John Ed Bradley wrote a book that descibes his time at Tiger Stadium in the 70s, called ‘It never rains in Tiger Stadium’. Even though Bradley was a senior in 1979 he devotes a chapter to meeting and talking to Ramsey Dardar in prison in more recent times, describing his meeting with his former team mate. I must get hold of that book the next time I visit the stars and stripes.

We may think that NFL players going to prison (e.g Vick) is a recent phenomenon, or something that is a job requirement of the Bengals in the 21st Century, but it seems NFL players have been breaking the law for many many years.

Ramsey Dardar is living proof that it can all go wrong in the blink of an eyelid. He seems very approachable now as a prison inmate and coaches the ‘inmate football team’ in a ‘Longest Yard’ style.

Only problem for Ramsey Dardar is that when the film crew pack up and go home he does not get to go for a few cold brews in the local diner with Burt Reynolds or Adam Sandler, he instead gets prison food served in a plastic tray.

Fascinating stuff eh? What do you guys think?