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McNabb is playing at the Linc - this time without wings on his helmet

I have to admit its been a somewhat flat start to the season for me.

A week 1 win for the Skins (just – thanks Alex Barron – cheque is in the post!) followed by two collapses, has me thinking this will be another season of doom and gloom.

And then the juiciest matchup in the entire NFL in Week 4 lands on my lap, and praise the lord Sky Sports here in England have selected it as the 4.15pm EST (9.15pm here) live game.

Talk about great stories coming from this game;

  • Washington QB comes back to Philly for the first time in his professional career NOT wearing the green of the Eagles
  • Professional dog killer Michael Vick has cemented himself as the number one signal caller in Philly and will be looking to show off his silky running skills and big arm on Sunday.

What makes this games so special is not only the fact it is one of the fiercest divisional rivalries in the NFL, both teams have not been able to establish the run, so they will be looking to McNabb and Vick to grab the game by the scruff of its neck.

The Eagles for sure have faster, younger and more talented wide receivers, with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. In the Burgandy and Gold corner is a bunch of WR that excites me as much as a luke-warm cappuccino from a petrol garage.

My prediction – When he was traded earlier this year and asked about returning to Rocky Balboa’s home town McNabb said it ‘would just be another game’ – what a bunch of crap. McNabb will be fired up, but so will the Eagles fans, and so will Philly head coach Any Reid. This game has the potential to be a classic, but the Redskins are simply not worth the hype. Going 14-0 down early to the bottom feeding Rams last week was enough to convince me that Washington will be picking top 12 in the 2011 draft. Hate to say it but I have the Eagles by 10.

Prediction – Eagles 27-17 Redskins – Vick to pull off a few dizzying scrambles and Trent Cole to get to McNabb twice.

After torturing the Redskins for a decade McNabb is gonna be wearing burgandy and gold in 2010

I have always had great respect for Donovan McNabb, primarily because he plays NFL games with a smile on his face.

He has taken the Eagles to countless NFC championships and even a Superbowl, but he has never managed to win one.

I kinda figured that with Kevin Kolb as a much cheaper and younger option in Philly, it was inevitable that McNabb would not be suiting up with wings on his helmet in 2010.

I thought of McNabb as a member of the Oakland Raiders, which seemed to be the most logical place for him to go, and I even pictured him looking good in the silver and black.

Now I wake up this morning, Easter Monday, to find out that Donovan ‘the grin’ McNabb is a Washington Redskin.

As a lifelong Redskins fan I certainly laughed, but I’m still confused as to whether it was a chuckle of joy or a nervous chortle, disguising my confusion over the trade.

Now McNabb has a great arm, has stellar intestinal fortitude, has charisma, has playoff experience, and even experience in the big dance, but he is getting old, and he has to learn a new offensive scheme.

This move signals the death knell of Jason Campbell in D.C. but I’m not convinced that it signals the Redskins will avoid drafting a quarterback in the 2010 draft.

Not my best analysis of McNabb I know, but to be perfectly honest I’m still in shock.

Any other Redskins fans puzzled by this move?