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After torturing the Redskins for a decade McNabb is gonna be wearing burgandy and gold in 2010

I have always had great respect for Donovan McNabb, primarily because he plays NFL games with a smile on his face.

He has taken the Eagles to countless NFC championships and even a Superbowl, but he has never managed to win one.

I kinda figured that with Kevin Kolb as a much cheaper and younger option in Philly, it was inevitable that McNabb would not be suiting up with wings on his helmet in 2010.

I thought of McNabb as a member of the Oakland Raiders, which seemed to be the most logical place for him to go, and I even pictured him looking good in the silver and black.

Now I wake up this morning, Easter Monday, to find out that Donovan ‘the grin’ McNabb is a Washington Redskin.

As a lifelong Redskins fan I certainly laughed, but I’m still confused as to whether it was a chuckle of joy or a nervous chortle, disguising my confusion over the trade.

Now McNabb has a great arm, has stellar intestinal fortitude, has charisma, has playoff experience, and even experience in the big dance, but he is getting old, and he has to learn a new offensive scheme.

This move signals the death knell of Jason Campbell in D.C. but I’m not convinced that it signals the Redskins will avoid drafting a quarterback in the 2010 draft.

Not my best analysis of McNabb I know, but to be perfectly honest I’m still in shock.

Any other Redskins fans puzzled by this move?