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Calvin Johnson is simply not human

Calvin Johnson is simply not human

Not sure I can adequately put into words the effort that Calvin Johnson the Detroit Lions wide receiver has put into the 2012 season.

First though I have to stand up and take it like a man as I predicted the Motown Blue to make it all the way to the Super Bowl, on the back of Matthew Stafford, Calvin and a small series of miracles.

I wasn’t drinking or smoking the herb when I made this failed prophesy. I have witnessed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints win a Super Bowl, as well as the Arizona Cardinals be just one play from winning their own Vince Lombardi Trophy, so the Lions making it wasn’t exactly the fairy story of all fairy stories.

What transpired this season was a pretty abysmal failure by the Lions defense to stop anything or anyone from rushing, passing and scoring.

With one game left the Lions are a pitiful 4-11 with a league leading 7 game losing streak. After making the playoffs in 2011 I thought the days of a top 5 draft pick were all over for the boys in blue – what did I know.

The only redeeming feature in such a shameful season has been the NFL’s single greatest receiving season (by yards) by the quite literally unstoppable force they call Megatron  – the man so dangerous they named him after a giant robot baddie.

Calving Johnson is no baddie though, he is one of the good guys, a player who does not shoot his mouth off or taunt opponents, he simply torches them silently with his giant eagle wingspan, panhandle sized fingers and arms and legs that look like they come from a heroic plastic action figure and not a mortal human being.

I stayed up until 1.30am last Saturday night to be able to record live onto my DVD recorder the Lions v Falcons on the BBC’s interactive service, because the NFL, NFLUK and BBC are that stupid they have not managed to work out a deal to actually broadcast the games on a recordable Sky channel.

Whilst it annoyed the hell out of me to wait up so late, I did indeed, somewhat blurry eyed, watch the game about six hours later and witnessed Calvin Johnson simply shred the Falcons single-handed, with a stupendous 11 catches for 225 yards.

This game would be special for any NFL wide-out, but for Johnson he not only had his 8th consecutive 100+ yard game (setting an NFL record) and his 11th 100+ yard game (tied an NFL record) he then went onto to break the all time NFL receiving yardage record with his tenth grab.

What makes this feat even more astounding is that he still has a whole sixty minutes of football on Sunday to obliterate the record that was previously held by Jerry Rice.

Johnson has 1892 yards in 15 games and can reach the ridiculous mark of a 2000 yard season with just an everyday 108 yards at home in Detroit against a fading Chicago Bears team who have lost three out of their last four games.

Everyone who loves the NFL and wallows like a happy pig in the mud of statistics will be hoping Calvin reaches 2000 yards.

Madden curse – what a load of old cobblers !!!

Jerry Rice's 49ers Hall of Fame plaque in London

In 2009 the NFL Hall of Fame exhibits that were bought over to London were amazing.

This year the NFL downscaled to just the 49ers Hall of Fame exhibits.

Judging by the queue at the Wembley car park last Sunday to get to see the 49ers exhibits it was if Tutankhamun was being displayed.

The long winding queue to the player shirts, Super Bowl rings and Super Bowl trophies went via the San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame inducted player plaques.

There were many players I know and loved watching, including Roger Craig, John Brodie, Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott.

I made the point of asking my wife to take a picture of me by Jerry Rice’s plaque as I grew up watching Rice torture 27 NFL teams and break every record imaginable.

It was at the precise second that I started reading Rice’s accomplishments when a cheer went up in the nearby stage area.

Using my zoom lens I focussed on the stage area, and to my absolute delight the main man was being introduced – yes here I was about 100 metres away from the legendary Jerry Rice.

Yes the man in the suit is NFL legend Jerry Rice

My paparazzi shot of NFL all time #1 WR Jerry Rice


Chambers wearing an NFL europa Hamburg Blue Devils kit (Pic courtesy of BBC)

If you live in the USA I’m pretty confident that Dwain Chambers, the disgraced English sprinter will not have even registered on your sporting shame radar. However if you live in England or any part of Great Britain for that matter then today’s news will be dominated by the High Court decision to say if Chambers can compete for team GB in the 100m (and possibly 4x100m relay – which Team GB currently hold the GOLD medal in !!!) in the Beijing Olympics.

Why am I rattling on about Chambers you may ask in an NFL blog? Well it is a little know fact that Chambers had a failed tryout for the San Francisco 49ers in 2004 – this after being given a two year global ban from competing in any athletics (track and field to you guys over the pond) meets.

Chambers also suited up in NFL Europa for the Hamburg Blue Devils – but unfortunately this did not turn out to be a Kurt Warner moment, and he did not get the call to the NFL.

I’m not sure what the likes of Champ Bailey or Charles Woodson would have made of Dwain hugging the sideline of an NFL field, guess we will never know.

One thing for sure Chambers is THE #1 ranked GB 100m sprinter after coming first in the GB Olympic trials last week, and I have a sneaky feeling that he will win his court battle and get to take on the likes of Tyson Gay and the Jamaican speed demons in a month or so.

Chambers wearing an NFL Europa Hamburg Blue Devils kit (Pic courtesy of BBC)

It’s an intersting prospect to think that we could have seen Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice and Dwain Chambers on an NFL field together – quite bizarre if you sit down and picture it in your minds eye.

I for one think Chambers should compete in the Olympics for team GB, he has served his time for taking illegal substances, and represents a chance (not a big one mind you) at a medal.

After all if he doesn’t make it the UK media will be full of news about completely useless toffee nosed sports such as showjumping and yachting – who needs that ?