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Part of my Super Bowl tradition - some M & M's

Here in England most of the people I work with will see Sunday night as the last opportunity to catch some sleep before the inevitable grind that is Monday morning’s commute.

I however will be as excited as a six-year-old on Christmas day by the time it gets to 11pm on Sunday.

Since my first ever experience watching a Super Bowl live on tv (1987 Giants v Broncos) I have had a little routine.

Here goes with what I do….


Place bets on who will score the first touchdown and who will be the Most Valuable Player. Sometimes I also bet on the scoring margin, but only if I think its going to be an ass kicking. Before I was legally old enough I persuaded my mum to go and put the bets on for me!


I have the following items lined up in front of me on a small table:

  • Can of Pepsi (regular) even though its the only can of Pepsi I have all year (I normally drink Pepsi Max)
  • A regular Snickers bar that I cut into small slices like a loaf of bread (don’t ask !)
  • Some toffee popcorn served from an awesome Redskins helmet that doubles as a chips and dips server
  • Doritos (two varieties, usually Sizzling Hot, Ranch or Hint of Lime) with low-fat dips and an extra sour cream dip
  • A big bag of Peanut M&Ms that I sort into colour groups on a tray


I move the sofa directly in front of the tv, so close that my retinas probably want to do a 180 degree roll so they are more comfortable staring at my brain. I make sure I book the Monday off work (as does my wife). Talking of my wife she has a tradition of falling asleep on the sofa before the end of the second quarter. I also like to get in the Super Bowl mood by watching one or two sports movies during the day, something like Friday Night Lights, Any Given Sunday or Invincible.

What do you all do as a Super Bowl tradition?