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My picture from the NFL game at Wembley in 2010

Was very interested to get an email from the NFLUK website saying that ticket prices for the NFL regular season game in London, the fifth consecutive of its kind, will be frozen at the 2010 prices.

Whilst this is good news (well not as good news as prices dropping) I cant fail to dismiss the elephant in the room – namely that fact we are nearing 100 days of an out of season NFL strike.

Listening to the ESPN Football Today podcast over the weekend (from last Friday) I heard Ross Tucker talking about the NFL Rookie Symposium being the first major event on the NFL calendar post the 2011 Draft to have been cancelled.

The Rookie Symposium is the equivalent of university orientation week. From someone who attended a university orientation week (albeit back in 1995) it was a bit dull and I was spoke to a lot, but it certainly helped me to meet new people and it overwhelmingly made me feel that I was not alone wandering round a new town looking for lecture rooms, libraries and bookshops.

Postponing this sort of event for NFL rookies will only be a bad thing as it means that valuable advice from NFL players and staff that have ‘been there, done it and worn the sweat soaked t-shirt’ will be missed.

I’m sure in their heart of hearts NFL officials from head office will be kicking themselves that this date has been missed. After all we don’t want the 2011 NFL rookie crop turning to the dark side of crime, disorderly conduct, and worse of all, as demonstrated by Cowboys WR, Dez Bryant, being found guilty of wearing trousers in a manner ‘too baggy for shopping mall patrons decency’.

Dez is no longer a Cowboy in my fantasy league

Been very quiet on the ol’ blog in the last month, but then again it is the offseason and some tournament is taking place in South Africa that seems to be deflecting attention from the NFL.

The football highlight for me in the last month has been taking part in a fantasy rookie draft in one of the Action PC Football leagues I created back in 2006 (each team has a 55 man roster).

Having 8 picks in the top 100 is quite a luxury, but I did have to make trades to get three of those picks, and I did lose pick #81 to move up from #9 to #5.

My target with the #5 pick was Cowboys first round pick Dez Bryant, and lucky for me he was there and waiting for me when I had my first of 8 picks.

After that I went and got five consecutive defensive players, and in my humble opinion I got five guys that can all be impact players in 2010 and beyond.

Here are the five D studs I landed:

Derrick Morgan DE – supposedly the most NFL ready DE in the draft

Sergio Kindle OLB – A speed pass-rusher in the Orakpo mould

Taylor Mays S – This guy was projected to be a top 3 pick a year ago – he will have a point to prove

Terrence ‘Mount’ Cody DT – This guy is a monster and in a Ravens uniform he will look scary

Javier Arenas CB/RET – My second ‘Bama player, Arenas should be a stud returner as a rook

In our final round (each round is 20 picks) I managed to snag Gator legend and Mackey Award winner TE Aaron Hernandez, and with my final pick I swooped for Northwestern DE Corey Wootten, all 6 feet 7 inches of him.

My team will not reap any benefits from this draft until 2011, as the picks made now will not play in the league (the AMFL – Art Monk Football League) until they have completed their rookie season in the NFL.

I cant wait until September. Anyone got any comments on my picks?

Bradford looks like he will be butting heads with Rams colleagues

Ok it’s that crazy crazy time of year when some young men in their early 20’s go ahead and get millions and millions of dollars.

Here’s my attempt at a Round 1 picks 1-10 with some notes

1 – Rams – Sam Bradford QB – Rams need help pretty much everywhere but it starts with the man behind centre

2 – Lions – Ndamukong Suh DT – Lions are showing some green roots of recovery, and Suh will be a rock at DT for a decade.

3 – Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy DT – Buccs know how important a cornerstone DT is (see a Mr W Sapp), so McCoy will get a lot of game time.

4- Redskins – Trent Williams OT – Redskins lost Samuels, and need an OT to protect McNabb.

5 – Chiefs – Dez Bryant WR – KC have lots of needs so this would be a bit of a shock – Cassel would smile till September if this happens

6 – Seahawks – Eric Berry S – Seattle are sliding back under the radar and they need some big brash talent in the secondary.

7 – Browns – Russell Okung T – Okung lands in the lap of the Browns and they just cant pass on him.

8 – Raiders – Jimmy Clausen QB – Its time for the Raiders to just give up on the walking walrus that is Jamarcus Russell. Clausen can help revive a team that has good running backs.

9 – Bills – CJ Spiller RB – Buffalo have talent with Fred Jackson, but that should not stop them grabbing Spiller to ignite the return game and get 150 carries as a rookie.

10 – Jags – Tim Tebow QB – The most talked about draft pick since the Manning/Leaf year, if Tebow stays in Florida he could become a legend, likewise he could be the new Todd Marinovich.

Any thoughts?