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Two years ago I predicted the Philadelphia Eagles to reach the Super Bowl and they went and lost the NFC Championship to the powerhouse that was the Arizona Cardinals.

This season I listened to many ‘experts’ thoughts on podcasts, read many blogs and my gut feeling with Kevin Kolb as the Philly QB was that the Eagles would finish badly – around 5-11 or 6-10.

Then the dog killer Vick (am I the only one who remembers this) comes in for an injured Kolb and looks like a human Madden video reel.

Then tonight to top it off pint-size dynamo DeSean Jackson signals ‘bring it on’ with his hands whilst waiting for the punt with 14 seconds left in a tied game. To make the play even more dramatic he decides to fumble the ball, and then like a bullet he runs through the Giants punt return team and has the brains to run along the one yard line before scoring the winning TD with 0.00 left in the game.

If this isn’t a sign that the Eagles are gonna win the Super Bowl then god only knows what is!