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I'm glad I'm at home in the warm and not in the stands at the Vet !

Just a small note of Merry Christmas and a big festive thankyou to everyone who has visited my blog, commented on a post or even sent me an email.

I have been having a football packed Christmas time since breaking up from work on Tuesday. Watched ‘We are Marshall’ today and have also been trying to guide the Penn State Nittany Lions to a bowl game in NCAA College Football on my PSP.

I’m also in the 3rd quarter of Cal v Utah bowl game. I think its called the Porcupine Bowl or the Pointy Dog Bowl or something like that.

These college football bowl games have such stupid names, and such long winded sponsor names its a wonder that fans can keep up.

It grinds me to say it but I still have the Philadelphia Eagles as my Superbowl favourites.

Whilst the Saints are the hot NFC team they still have not dominated teams. Their defense seems to be fading, and the Eagles are just too disciplined to get blasted by Brees if they meet in the NFC Championship game.  

I doubt Santa Claus will have any NFL merchandise for me, and instead i’ll have the usual ‘sensible clothes’ from my wife and a random bottle of Scotch from one of my wife’s relatives.

Whoever told them I like whisky – it’s just not true….now Kaluha or Baileys – now that’s a mans drink hahahahaha.