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Brady is available in two of my vacant fantasy teams

Brady is available in two of my vacant fantasy teams (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

I have two vacancies in the AMFL РArt Monk Football League Р24 team non cap FREE to enter league.

I have one vacancy in the BBFL РBritball Football League Р20 team non cap FREE to enter league.

Both AMFL and BBFL are/will be using Р2007 NFL stats and Action PC 2008 Football game

Draft status РAMFL  Free Agency draft concluded for 08, Rookie 08 draft concluded (rooks drafted do not play till 2009)
Draft status РBBFL Free Agency draft concluded for 08, Rookie 08 draft takes place in August 2008 (rooks drafted do not play till 2009)

Websites with rules –¬† and ¬†

AMFL РWe are in Season 2 and from Monday 21 July РMon 28 July is Week 12 

BBFL – We are in the offseason – Season 3 begins in September 2008

Vacancies – AMFL Miami Dolphins currently lead division at 8-2 and Minnesota Vikings 6-4 and still in playoff race
Vacancies – BBFL Indianapolis Colts (in offseason)

AMFL Dolphins roster¬†includes –¬†Brian Westbrook and Jerius Norwood, Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, Jeff King, Alge Crumpler, Trent Edwards, Jake Delhomme, Cleo Lemon, an awesome oline featuring Steve Hutchinson 10+ and Jordan Gross 9, Shaun Rogers, John Abraham, Cato June, Jerry Porter, Aaron Ross and Dawan Landry.¬†

AMFL Vikins roster includes – NFL MVP Tom Brady, Derek Mason, Chad Johnson, Deshaun Foster, Ronnie Brown, Eric Johnson, Mike Vrabel, Nick Mangold, Tony Ugoh, Mike Wahle, John Henderson, Jason Taylor, Aaron Schobel, Bradie James, Leroy Hill, Marcus Trufant and Ken Hamiln

BBFL Colts roster includes – NFL MVP Tom Brady, Willis MacGahee, Joseph Addai, SHaun McDonald, Kevin Walter, Laverneus Coles, Greg Olsen, Owen Daniels, Shaun Andrews and some solid oline, Kevin Williams, Aaron Kampman, Aaron Smith, Brian Urlacher, John Beason, Keith Brooking, Champ Bailey, Troy Polamalu and Ndai Asomugah

Please email me on or find me on AOL IM. My tag is monkeymutton44

I can email over rosters to check pretty quickly, and a league file.

Both leagues are NON Cap.

All games are aimed to be played played head to head.

Rosters are 55 in BBFL and in AMFL 56 active including YOU as a 3 skilled ILB (a special teams gunner).

Owners are mostly American, howeve I am a Brit, and we have Brit owners, an Itailan, a Mexican owner and a Welsh one.

Many of the owners have teams in both leagues.

I encourage game reports and have a system to ensure games are played every week.



Ed Johnson #99 my best DT (not good)

Ed Johnson #99 my best DT (not good)

With just over 2 months to go until the BBFL begins season 3 my Redskins team needs big help at one position for sure, and that is Defensive Tackle.

In the Action PC game all defenders are rated out of 10 against the run, out of 10 against the pass, and can have a pass rush value up to 7 (the likes of Shawne Merriman and DeMarcus Ware).

Exceptional defenders have an overall rating of 10+ (the likes of NFL defensive player of the year in 2007 – Colts safety Bob Sanders).¬† Don’t forget in this league we have 55 man rosters, but its based on the NFL players REAL 2007 NFL stats.

My defensive tackles are rated as (1st number run defense rating, 2nd number pass rush ability rating)

Vonnie Holliday 6 – 1 (12 NFL games played out of 16 for the 1-15 Dolphins)

Ed Johnson 5 -1 (16 NFL games played as a Colt rookie) I picked this guy up in the offseason as a free agent

Michael Myers 4 – 1 (15 NFL games played but 4 is a poor rating)

Dwan Edwards 5 – 1 (16 NFL games played as DL and DE) – I also picked this guy up in the offseason as a free agent

This is without doubt the poorest set of defensive tackles in the whole league (20 total teams). So I have work to do !

I am offering up Plaxico Burres the giraffe like New York Giants wideout for a DT with a 7 rating or above.

Do any of you think any of my 4 defensive tackles have any prospects in 2008 ?

I think in true Princess Leia style ‘my only hope’ is Ed Johnson at the Colts, a man who was not even drafted but had in all respects a very sound rookie outing.

Let’s say at this stage I am nervous about all 19 of my opponents 3rd string running backs, let alome their 3rd down backs and starters.

How important do you rate DT’s in the grand scheme of NFL positions ?