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Alex Smith now has a big offseason advantage


I have heard of some NFL teams buying themselves success, I should know all about it as a lifelong Redskins fan.

Spending ridiculous amounts on veterans who are past their prime used to be the way owners would try to move from 2-14 to 14-2 in a year.

It seems though that things have drastically changed, and one NFL team has decided that they would acquire some help from above.

The San Francisco 49ers, fresh from removing former Super Bowl winning linebacker turned coach, Mike Singletary, have hired none other than Chryst the Lord.

Yes the five times world champions have gone and scooped the signature of Geep Chryst, as their new quarterbacks coach.

According to the 49ers news release Chryst enters is 19th season in the NFL, having recently served as the tight ends/offensive quality control coach with the Carolina Panthers. That’s the 2-14 Panthers, the only team in the NFL to finish the 2010 regular season having scored UNDER 200 points in 16 games (196).

It doesn’t end there.

I couldn’t make the next fact about Chryst up if I drunk a gallon of Vodka and Red Bull and was asked to write something truly bizarre.  In 1992 Chryst, a former Princetown linebacker,  who hadn’t played a down of football for eight years, made one of the bizarrest cameos in sports history, serving as the long snapper for the former World League of American Football’s Orlando Thunder franchise.

Through Chryst’s  divine intervention (lasting a full 15 days) in 1992 the Thunder reached World Bowl (World Bowl II) that season, losing out to the Sacramento Surge 21-17.

Chryst then retired and was reborn as a coach, and seven years later (in 1999) he was working for the San Diego Chargers, coaching a quarterback by the name of Jim Harbaugh.

Yes that’s the SAME Jim Harbaugh that is now the head coach of the 49ers.

Man it’s a small world – and now Chryst is here to teach QB Alex Smith to walk on water. Let’s hope he does a better job than he did in Carolina, or the fans will dead unhappy and be very cross.


Alex Smith is facing splinters quite soon

The second coming of 49ers QB Alex Smith has NFL fans around the world about as excited as opening a gas bill.

With just two weeks to go until the 49ers make the longest regular season road trip in their history I have to confess I am not exactly feeling like  ‘a six year old on Christmas Day’.

This was supposed to be a team that would ‘hit people in the mouth’ en-route to a division winning record of 11-5 or 12-4.

Instead we have a team that is falling apart at the seams, boasting a giant goose egg in the win column. The evidence for a wasted season is mounting up.

  • Head coach Mike Singletary has said in public that there is a ‘rat’ in the organisation
  • Veteran safety Mike Lewis asked for his release, and it was granted
  • Offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye was sacked
  • After 5 weeks the team ranks 31st out of 32 in scoring offence, and 30th in rushing yards

Eight offensive touchdowns in five NFL games is hardly the stuff that Roger Goodell would have imagined when he signed off the agreement for the 49ers to come and play at Wembley on Halloween.

Unless the 49ers can somehow start a miracle run against their local rivals the Oakland Raiders on Sunday then all the fans coming to Wembley will witness a Halloween trick of the most ghoulish proportions.