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Cheeseheads must be excited.

Coming out from under a legends shadow is hard enough, doing it against a team that has won more Super Bowls than any other team in NFL history is tougher than running a mile in a treadmill made of treacle.

Aaron Rodgers is on fire and on Sunday he has a chance to become the third Green Bay Packers quarterback to hoist up the trophy named after the Packers coach who won Super Bowl I and II.

Bart Starr and Brett Favre have both played in two Super Bowls each (winning three of four combined) and now Aaron gets to play in his first big dance.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a quarterback who already has two shiny jewel-encrusted rings, and Big Ben will be after number three.

This is going to be an epic battle, and this will be the opportunity the former Cal Quarterback will have to become a household name.

I think it is also a time to avoid comparing Favre to Rodgers. Favre was a once in a lifetime talent who, despite winning only one ring himself, has left a legacy that is just about unbeatable (with maybe the exception of Peyton Maning). Rodgers could go and get himself a ring on Sunday, but that does not mean he is suddenly the equal of Favre.

If Rodgers does lead the Pack to the W then he could go on and lead his team to two or more titles in the next five seasons.

This Packers team is pretty special, and Rodgers could be on the road to emulating the success of the best Super Bowl qb ever, Joe Montana, but there is 60 minutes of football to play first.

Rodgers will only lift the trophy if the following things happen;

  • The Pack get a running game going. If James Starks can get 100 yards it will be incredible, but he will need to get between 50 and 70 to keep the Steelers D honest.
  • The Packers TEs have a great game. Rodgers will be expected to look for the WRs Jennings, Driver and Jones, but with the loss of Jermichael Finley earlier in the season Andrew Quarless, Tom Crabtree and Donald Lee will be called upon to be difference makers.
  • He needs to know where the tasmanian devil Troy Polamalu is on every play. Polamalu plays extremely aggressive football and he can get frustrated if he is beat early. Polamau will want to land a knockout blow (legal hit wise) on every play, but its probably not best to test him too often.
  • If he can scramble when he wants to but not because he is running for his life every other play.

Can Rodgers give Wisconsin it’s 4th Super Bowl trophy?

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Aaron Rodgers will have extra turkey on his plate tonight

I might spend some of my time moaning about the lack of Monday Night Football on tv here in England, but at least Sky TV get one American tradition spot on.

THREE live Thanksgiving Day NFL games here in England is special, even if it does include the Detroit Lions and the Oakland Raiders.
I missed the first two touchdowns of the Green Bay Packers versus the Detroit Lions game this evening as I was coming home from work, but even though I joined the game at 7-7 it was always gonna be a Pack ‘W’.
Charles Woodson looked incredible blanketing the hobbling Calvin Johnson, and his two INTs pretty much guarantees his place in the 2010 Pro Bowl.
Matthew Stafford had three picks, but one thing you cannot deny is that this baby-face is one tough kid. He had his back bent backwards only to bounce straight up.
With an extra WR and a quality 3rd down/utility back to support Kevin Smith the Lions have an offense that can put up some decent yards. Lets just forget about their defense, that is one sorry ass bunch of chumps.
Time to settled down now for the Cowgirls against the Oakland Raiders, with a Raiders squad in that much trouble that they think starting Bruce Gradkowski is some sort of positive move? Call me old-fashioned but I’d rather have Todd Marinovich at the helm of the Silver and Black than Crudkowski.
Someone pass the cranberry sauce………….Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

It’s that time of the year when NFL rookies are looking to milk the franchise that drafted them out of every last penny, the time of year when lets be honest not too much is happening – so why the hell do we have to be subject to hour upon hour and column upon column about Brett Favre, the alleged retired quarterback.

Yes with the Green Bay Packers he has set a record for consecutive starts that is unlikely to ever be beaten, yes he has passing records, touchdown records, but lets take a look at Favre’s wins in the game that REALLY matters, the Superbowl.

One win in his illustrious career, and only two games in the final dance, despite 16 active NFL seasons, is not in my opinion a good enough return.

We all know and love Favre for his ‘gunslinging’ attitude, his ability to never miss a game, and even his cheeky smile, but here is one thing you may not know, Favre commited 435 regular season turnovers.

I say MOVE ON Green Bay Packers, just come out with a statement saying you will NOT be re-signing Favre and be starting Aaron Rodgers in 2008, and save us, the fans worldwide, even those in England, from more Favre umming and aahhing – even my wife groans when Favre’s face appears on our tv screen.

Rodgers could be the next Steve Young, who after living in the shadow of a legend for a long time proved he had a Hall of Fame career of his own. No I’m not calling Aaron Rodgers a legend, but for the sanity of the NFL we need to MOVE ON and give Rodgers a chance to prove himself.

Does NFL Network have absolutely nothing more to report on ? If the answer is no then howabout hiring me to get some content. Whilst I am at it here are some NFL Network features for their programming

  • NFL Quarterbacks and their pets – prove that the superstars of the NFL do love animals – does Tony Romo have a chinchilla ? Does Donovan McNabb have a worm farm ? We NEED to know !
  • Who is the best long snapper in the NFL ? Is it the Redskins Ethan Albright ? Is It the Chargers David Binn? The debate rages globally every day – so why not settle the score with a 2 hour special
  • What happens to players who get cut ? What do they do ? Do they really end up stacking shelves or what?

PS – Just for fun I have added a pic of Brett in a Falcons kit (see above). It’s one of sports great ‘What if ?’ questions isn’t it – If Brett started for the Falcons would he have been the same player ?

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