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Carolina to do the right thing and get Dareus??

I wont be winning $10m from Budweiser by predicting correctly all 32 picks but hey if you don’t buy a ticket you cant take part in the dance.

Here goes my annual leap into the pool of humiliation……..NFL Fan in England’s mock NFL Draft Round 1 2011.

Team – Predicted player, position, note.

1) Panthers – Marcel Dareus DT – This will be a minor shock but Dareus could do a Warren Sapp in Carolina

2) Broncos – Von Miller OLB – Broncos to give Tebow a chance and try and get defense upgraded

3) Bills – Cam Newton QB – Stunning move as Bills decide to get a new gunslinger to reverse fortunes

4) Bengals – Blaine Gabbert QB – This is possibly where Redskins trade up to but if not Bengals get their QB

5) Cardinals – Patrick Petersen CB – Cards need help in many places this is a best on board pick

6) Browns – AJ Green WR – Cleveland get the best WR in the draft

7) 49ers – Cameron Jordan DE – 49ers make their strong d-line even tougher

8) Titans – Nick Fairely DT – Titans get the next DL stud to stomp on ghost of fat Albert

9) Cowboys – Prince Amukamara CB – Cowboys need a new leader in the secondary

10) Redskins – Jake Locker QB – Only on the basis that Gabbert is gone and Redskins didn’t trade up

11) Texans – JJ Watt DE – The guy is like a human octopus arms everywhere and a big help to Super Mario

12) Vikings – Robert Quinn DE – Vikes wall is crumbling, now is the time to tear it down and start again

13) Lions – Tyron Smith OT – Lions are building up nicely and Smith will be an immediate starter

14) – Rams – Julio Jones WR – Rams smile as Jones surprisingly lands in their lap

15) Dolphins – Aldon Smith DE – Fins need quality injection in the d-line

16) Jaguars – Anthony Constanzo OT – Someone has to make holes for MJD and Rashad Jennings

17) Patriots – Mark Ingram RB – Green Ellis the Law Firm is not the answer, Ingram is.

18) Chargers – Mike Pouncey – OL – If he is as good as his twin Chargers are happy bunnies

19) Giants – Gabe Carimi OL – Giants o-line is old and Carimi is a workhorse lunch pail type.

20 ) Bucs – Corey Liuget DT – Tampa Bay combine McCoy and Liuget to form a formidable wall.

21) Chiefs – Da’Quan Bowers DE – KC pick best person on their board

22) Colts – Phil Taylor DT – Colts get serious on d-line with a big big blocker

23) Eagles – Muhammed Wilkerson DT – Bit of a surprise but Eagles always value d-line strenght

24) Saints – Akeem Ayers – Saints need a spark at LB, and Ayers can light it up

25) Seahawks – Jimmy Smith CB – Character concerns go out the window – fans no longer sleepless

26) Ravens – Jonathan Baldwin WR – Time for the Ravens to get a fresh face and a successor to Mason

27) Falcons – Stephen Paea DT – Falcons d-line is ok but this will start to make it special

28) Patriots – Ryan Kerrigan DE – Pats say thankyou very much.

29) Bears – Danny Watkins OG – The whole world knows the Bears need to upgrade offensive line

30) Jets – Marvin Austin DL – The Jets get someone who will help from  right now

31) Steelers – Cam Heyward DE – Steelers like nothing better than boosting the d-line

32) Packers – Mikel Leshure RB – Surprising but Packers wont get him by end of 2nd.