Adam Schefter interview

My new best buddy - and no he has not had his teeth whitened !

My new best buddy - and no he has not had his teeth whitened !

I have a new best friend, and he happens to be a high profile signing for a new NFL team.

Only problem is that he does not play for, coach for or work for any NFL franchise, and to be fair to him I have never actually met him, but lets not let that stand in the way of a beautiful friendship over international waters.

Introducing the King of Smug, the master of the NFL blog and a man who will be scrutinising Mark Sanchez like a scientist looking for a cure for Swine Flu…….Ladies and gentlemen I give you ESPN’s latest recruit Mr Adam Schefter.

Due to the magic (ahem) of Twitter on my day off from work I conducted an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mr Schefter (Thursday 9 June 2009).

Here is the transcript – all 125 characters or less I can assure you !!!

Wed 8 July 2009

Lawrence Vos (NFLFANINENGLAND): NFLFANINENGLAND@Adam_Schefter Adam what was it like when you were drafted #1 overall in the smug faced reporter draft of 2000? Did you expect an early call

Adam Schefter: Adam_SchefterThanks for all your support, Nflaninengland. Appreciate you watching. Cheers!

Thu 9 July 2009

LV: NFLFANINENGLAND@Adam_SchefterHey Mr Schefter I have a blog http://nflfaninengland.word… I would love to interview you by email for it please sir?

AS: Adam_Schefter: Sure you want to do an interview with a smug-faced reporter? If you do, send along the questions, and I’ll be happy to do. Thanks.

LV: @Adam_Schefter You are DA MAN ! Ill get some questions rolling now on Twitter – will be a test of my journalistic prowess – here goes….

AS: Adam_Schefter: Saw your blog and if you twitter me some questions — even in a few twitters — I’ll get you the answers. Thanks.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 1) Being an NFL reporter is my dream job – How did you get to become an NFL reporter?

AS: Adam_Schefter: It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of time, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of relationships, a lot of experience, luck. A lot of a lot of things.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 2) I know that all Americans think all Brits have bad teeth !Have you had your teeth whitened for tv?

AS: Adam_Schefter: Have not had my teeth whitened. Are you trying to tell me something 🙂

LV: @Adam_Schefter 3) What is the strangest thing you have done in order to get a scoop on an NFL player or coach story?

AS: Adam_Schefter: Not really strange, but you’d be amazed at how much time there is waiting. Just waiting for interviews. I’ve wasted years waiting.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 4) Are you allowed to say which NFL team you grew up supporting or do you have to be seen as neutral?

AS: Adam_Schefter: I grew up a NY Jets fan, but the longer you’re in the business, the more you lose any rooting interest. You wind up rooting for people.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 5) Are there particular NFL players that you really look forward to interviewing because they do NOT speak in sports cliches?

AS: Adam_Schefter: Brett Favre is always real. Peyton Manning is a pro. Tom Brady is just a star. Like the fans, I like the big names, though I like everyone.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 6) I have the #4 pick in a 2009 NFL rookie fantasy draft – 55 man rosters – who will give me the best immediate productivity?

AS: Adam_Schefter: Can’t go wrong with Maurice Jones Drew at that spot, I don’t think. And Brian Westbrook has been great. Adriann Peterson is best, but he’s1

LV: @Adam_Schefter 7) Does anyone or anything make you tongue tied or nervous? You seen quite unflappable – who helped you to get the skills?

AS: Adam_Schefter: Fortunately I’ve been through enough unnerving situations early in my career that there’s not too much that flusters me now.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 8) How can I get to raise my profile an an NFL blogger? You must be read by millions – Is the power quite intoxicating?

AS: Adam_Schefter: I’m not read by millions — only 3,000+ on Twitter. Once I start at espn Aug. 17, hoping to get to 4,000 🙂

LV: @Adam_Schefter 9) Do you think Michael Vick will be back on an NFL field in 09? If yes who will pick him up? – howabout the Dawg Pound !!!

AS: Adam_Schefter: Vick in Cleveland would be priceless. Don’t know who would pick him up, but I think he’ll be picked up somewhere. All right gottago. Cheers!

LV: @Adam_Schefter 10) What is your earliest NFL memory? Mine is being told about Superbowl XIX in a school playground in 1985

AS: Adam_Schefter: First football memory is of Lynn Swann catching that great pass in the Super Bowl against the cowboys.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 11) Did you ever play football – pee wee, high school or college? If so what position (s) were you? @Adam_Schefter 12) What are your thoughts on NFL games in England? I never thought I’d see regular season NFL in UK in my lifetime.

AS: Adam_Schefter: Never played football growing up — mom wouldn’t let me. I love NFL in England. I wish England loved the NFL more.

LV: @Adam_Schefter 13) Is Brett Favre wise coming back AGAIN? or is this all becoming a bit embarrasing now?

Subtly avoided !

LV: @Adam_Schefter 14) In England we only get NFL Network Total Access 1 hour show every 2 days – did you know that is all the NFL we get at mo?

AS: Adam_Schefter: Hard to imagine that England doesn’t get EsPN. When I was at NFLN, I always had people ask me how to get it. People usually don’t ask 4espn

LV: @Adam_Schefter 17) Which NFL Network presenters would you have round for a BBQ and a few beers and who would you forget to invite?

AS: Adam_Schefter: NFLN has some great people, many of them. Loved working there. Wish them the best and hope to make more new friends at espn.

Thanks Adam and good luck on ESPN – I hope to catch up with you again soon – maybe for a longer interview.

  1. Twat says:

    What a load of absolute fucking horseshit.

  2. Niners nation says:

    Ugh just plain bollocks really.

  3. voodoovos says:

    Go on tell me what you really feel !

  4. Monie says:

    Meh, I disagree, good work man, takes some initiative to get something like that and whilst i’m not wild on the twitter style of it all, it’s good stuff.

    I dunno if you were sending more Qs before he answered the previous ones but it would have been nice to follow up on the answer he gave when he said he follows players now – ‘which guys and why..?’ etc

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