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ESPN may have a slicker podcast operation, and there are certainly some more zany NFL podcasts out there (Rants and Raves for example), but for real quality NFL fantasy football news there is not a podcast on this planet that can shine a light to The Audible (from FootballGuys.com).

Hosted by Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom The Audible is a non-stop fantasy football experience for the ears that is minute after minute of high-quality insight and legitimate opinion.
NFL FAN IN ENGLAND editor Lawrence Vos had the great priviledge of speaking to The Audible presenter, Colorado native and Director of Media Relations for www.Footballguys.com, NFL Insider Front Range Sports Network Cecil Lammey on Tuesday 19 October 2010 about a range of NFL related issues, from the 2010 season to which position would be the best fantasy spot ever.
2010 Season
Lawrence Vos (LV): Before Week 1 I predicted the Ravens beating the Vikings in the Super Bowl this season. Am I mad or is this something that could actually happen now that Randy Moss is back in purple?
Cecil Lammey (CL): This is the season of redemption and Randy Moss is going to be on the warpath now that he’s in Minnesota. We’ve already seen him and Brett Favre hook up in the end zone and I expect that trend to continue. He makes the entire offense better even when he’s just a decoy for the underneath passing to Percy Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe. Plus, Moss didn’t feel wanted in New England. It’s clear the Vikings wanted him back and that will give him extra motivation to go out and perform each Sunday. His empassioned halftime speech against the Cowboys really did the trick for the Vikings on Sunday.
LV: Who did you pick as your SB winner and loser?
CL: As a Steelers fan I begrudgingly selected Baltimore as the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. As the NFC participant I chose the Green Bay Packers. Now that we’re almost halfway through the season it looks like that prediction will be off. The Ravens have been winning games, but I haven’t seen enough progress from Joe Flacco as a quarterback. He is missing open receivers often, and he still hasn’t improved as a touch passer. Green Bay has been having trouble running the football since Ryan Grant went down in week one. They abandon the ground game early and often now even though Brandon Jackson has had some big runs. We’ll see if rookie James Starks can spark the Packers running game. Losing TE Jermichael Finley for the season really hurts their chances as well.
LV: Are the Chiefs a playoff team this season?
CL: The Chiefs are an improved team and will make a run at the division title but I don’t think they get to the postseason. The AFC West is a weak division and there will be no wild card team from that division this year. The Chargers are starting slow once again, but I expect Norv Turner to turn it around in the last half of the season like he always does. Rookie RB Ryan Mathews is getting healthier and should be more featured going forward. Add in the fact that the Chargers are getting Vincent Jackson back and I believe they will once again make it to the playoffs this year.
LV: Who will get further in the playoffs – Jets or Patriots?
CL: The Jets will get further because of their defense. Running the football is their forte, but we’ve seen Mark Sanchez makes some big progress as a quarterback during his second season. The Jets play great defense, but need Darrelle Revis to get over these hamstring problems if they want to go to the Super Bowl. The Patriots are struggling to cover receivers and thus give up a lot of yardage through the air.
LV: Is any team APART from the Buffalo Bills going to be selecting the #1 overall pick in the 2011 draft?
CL: Nope. The pick belongs to the Bills, and I think Bills fans should be excited about that. Too often they have been bad, but will win enough games to keep them out of the top 10 of the draft. The QB class next year is much better than this year’s class, so I could see them selecting a franchise QB like Andrew Luck (Stanford) with the number one overall pick.
London regular season game
LV: We are under a month away from the Denver Broncos coming over to London to play the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley Stadium. Do you plan to come over to England to see the game? If yes what are your plans? If not why not !
CL: Not coming over to England for the game unfortunately. We are sending some people from Front Range Sports Network, but I will be holding down the fort back in Denver.
LV: The 49ers are just about the coldest team in the NFL (well maybe the Bills are worse) what do you think are the main reasons they are 1-4?
CL: The 49ers got their first win against the Raiders, but that has more to do with QB Jason Campbell than anything else. The reason San Francisco is struggling is leadership. The team doesn’t believe in QB Alex Smith and thus don’t play harder or elevate their game for him. It doesn’t help that he blames his players and coaches for his poor play. The 49ers keep giving this guy chances when everyone in the league knows that he’s not a quality quarterback. I love Mike Singletary, but too often he’s getting outcoached during a game. Plus, he’s loyal to a fault when it comes to Alex Smith. Sometimes it’s just best to cut bait and move on. I believe the 49ers do have a quality QB on their roster, as third-stringer Troy Smith should be starting in my opinion.
LV: I’m sure that not even you thought Kyle Orton would have the most passing yards in the NFL after 4 weeks. Can he top 5,000 yards this year or is it all just a David Copperfield type illusion?
CL: Kyle Orton is on pace to go well over 5,000 yards this year and definitely could in this Broncos system. The strength of the Broncos team is passing the football and with their inability to run the ball they should keep airing it out in most games.
LV: Who are the ‘under the radar’ Broncos players that UK fans should be excited about seeing Week 8? One offense and one defense please !
CL: UK fans should be excited about rookie WR Eric Decker. He should be active for the game in week 8 and has some of the best hands in the NFL. He’s buried on the depth chart right now, but impresses me everytime I’ve seen him in practice. UK fans should also be excited about CB Syd’quan Thompson on defense. This rookie was thought of as a top 10 player at his position before his final season at Cal. He struggled during his last year there, and thus fell in the 2010 NFL Draft. He is a ball hawk who can take any interception he gets to the house. Going up against Alex Smith, I like his chances of getting a pick in this game.
LV: With Elvis Dumervill lost for the season is anyone stepping up on the Denver defense enough to get double digit sacks this season?
CL: Second-year OLB Robert Ayers has been playing better, but he’s not going to get to double digit sacks. The team is really struggling to create any sort of pass rush, and opposing quarterbacks have plenty of time to throw against Denver.
LV: Is it time to give up on Alex Smith as a starting QB and instead start someone else? (yes I can’t bear the thought of starting David Carr)
CL: As aforementioned, Troy Smith should be the starter for the 49ers. He is very athletic and can make a way when there’s no way because of his scrambling ability. Smith has a strong arm and I feel he could be a great leader for the 49ers offense.
LV: Can you ever see an NFL franchise moving to England and why?
CL: I could see a franchise moving there in our lifetime. The NFL wants to become more of a worldwide sport, and that’s why we’ve seen games in London, Mexico City, and Tokyo. If the brass in the NFL feels there would be enough interest then they will find a way to make it happen.
LV: What is the feeling in Denver that fans have had a regular season game moved to England?
CL: Fans are excited about their team getting featured on the international stage. It also makes a great excuse for Broncos fans to take a vacation in England during the fall.
Cecil time
LV: What is your favourite hour in the week and why?
CL: Favorite hour of the week is midnight. I am a night owl and do most of my writing at night. I feel my creative juices flowing in the middle of the night, plus it gives me a chance to watch more football (I watch every game twice each week).
LV: Can you recall the first live NFL game you ever saw?
CL: I grew up in the country, on the Eastern Plains in Colorado and didn’t get to go to a live game when I was a kid or teenager. I do remember watching many games on TV during Sundays, and that’s when I fell in love with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were winning 4 Super Bowl titles in 6 years when I was a little kid, and I loved guys like ‘Mean Joe’ Greene, Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, and Terry Bradshaw.
LV: Bizarre one now. If you were about to die and you had moments to live and your life flashed in front of you what would be in your mental football highlights package? (My personal favourite memories include Darrell Green’s punt return at Soldier Field in the 1987 playoffs, that and the Giants 15-13 playoff win against the 49ers when Monatna was almost decapitated)
CL: I would remember ‘The Drive’ by John Elway and the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game against the Cleveland Browns. My sister is a huge Broncos fan and was crying hysterically on the couch when the Broncos got the ball at the 2-yard line with less than 2 minutes to go in the game. Her crying eased up as the team drove down the field, and became ecstatic screams when Elway threw the TD pass to Mark Jackson. I then will remember Steelers LB James Harrison body slamming a Browns fan that ran on the field several years ago.
LV: If you could play any position on any team in 2010 what would you be and what team would you be on?
CL: I would play running back for the Chicago Bears. That way I could pretend to be Walter Payton like I did years ago when I was a kid playing football by myself on the farm!
LV: If you could play any position on any team at any time what would you be and what team would you be on?
CL: I would have loved to played alongside Marshall Faulk during his time with the St. Louis Rams. I followed Marshall’s career since his second game as a freshman at San Diego State when he had 386 yards rushing and 7 TDs against Pacific. I would have loved to play quarterback on that team so after Trent Green was lost for the season head coach Dick Vermeil would have cried when saying ‘We will rally around Cecil Lammey, and we will play good football.’
LV: What was your first experience of playing fantasy football? And did you win your league?
CL: I started playing fantasy football in 1993. I did not win my league that year, but did select RB Jerome Bettis with my very first pick ever!
LV: What is the most $ that you have invested into a fantasy football team?
CL: I’ve never been in any big money leagues, and play more for the love of the game.
LV: You and Sigmund have a fantastic relationship on air, is there one annoying habit he has that drives you up the wall?
CL: Sigmund is a great guy, and an even better friend. Nothing about him annoys me, but I’m sure I get on his nerves every once in a while!
LV: On The Audible you have a man crush on Jalen Parmele the Baltimore Ravens RB. When will Jalen Parmale become a Pro Bowl halfback?
CL: Jalen Parmele is a talented runner, but just needs to get his chance in the NFL. Injuries happen across the league, and Parmele would be a star if he got his chance. He’s very instinctive, can change direction without losing much speed, and is a great receiver out of the backfield. He’s also great to follow on Twitter!
LV: Thankyou Cecil for your time.

You can listen to Cecil and his right hand man Sigmund by downloading The Audible by visiting i-tunes and searching for ‘the audible’. Also you can sign up to http://www.footballguys.com .

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