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Gotta love getting close to Vince

Gotta love getting close to Vince

Hello my name is Lawrence Vos and I am the author of this Blog. I am 39 years old, happily married, a dad of two beautiful daughters, and a Redskins fan since 1985. I live in Walmley, in the West Midlands, England, near to the Belfry Golf Course and the city of Birmingham.

I campaigned for many years to see former Redskin wideout Art Monk get into the NFL Hall of Fame – and actually ran out into the street and screamed Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees about 3 times when he was finally included into the Class of 2008.

I have attended six NFL pre-season games at Wembley Stadium, around 10 London Monarchs games (including the 1991 World Bowl), five NFL regular season games held at Wembley Stadium (see below), as well as the following NFL games in the USA;

  • San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins (2002 in San Francisco)
  • San Diego Chargers v New York Jets (2004 in San Diego)
  • Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys (2004 in Washington)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Redskins (2007  in Tampa Bay)
  • Miami Dolphins v New York Giants (2007 – at Wembley, London)
  • New Orleans Saints v San Diego Chargers (2008- at Wembley, London)
  • Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills (2009 in Miami)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New England Patriots (2009 – at Wembley, London)
  • San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos (2010 – at Wembley, London)
  • Miami Dolphins v Oakland Raiders (2012 – in Miami)
  • Minnesota Vikings v Pittsburgh Steelers (2013 – at Wembley, London)
  • Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions (got ticket for 2014 – at Wembley, London)

That’s 16 teams out of 32 (50%) and 5 NFL stadiums plus the neutral Wembley venue 5 times. Only 16 teams and 27 stadiums to go (well 26 as I’ve been to the Oakland Collesium to see the Oakland A’s play baseball).

I have also seen the following NCAA College football games live;

  • California v Air Force (2002)
  • University of Central Florida v University of Texas El Paso (2007)
  • Miami, Fla U v Oklahoma (2009)

Feel free to email me –

I run two Action PC NFL Fantasty Football leagues

The Art Monk Football League (AMFL)


The Britball Football League (BBFL)

I also play in about 20 free NFL fantasy football leagues a season via, CBS, and ESPN, so if you need an extra man hit me up.

You can also IM me if I’m online and you have AOL IM – my tag is monkeymutton44

My Twitter name is @nflfaninengland

I am also on Facebook –

Feel free to contact me to talk some NFL football.



  1. Semineer says:

    Hey Vos! Nice site. I bookmarked it to check back in from time to time.

  2. powaybolt says:

    Cool site. Keep up the good work. Do you have Tix for Saints-Chargers?

  3. voodoovos says:

    Powaybolt thanks for the comment – yes fortunately I do have tix – I booked a day off work to book them, and it was such a relief when I managed to get through in the morning to book them – vey expensive though.

  4. Alex says:

    Hola Law:

    Nice site, ill check it constantly and great for the tickets, its all worth.

  5. Markymark says:

    Great site Law..As a member of both of Law’s leagues I can vow that they are great leagues..Law you do a great job of running the leagues..They are very fun leagues and I am glad to be a part of both of them..Enjoy the game in October..Hit em in the mouth and have some fun..

  6. John Blomstrom says:

    Law- you da man!!!! Enjoy the AMFL. May have to give your other league a try. Go TEXANS!!!!

  7. Ruth Jeffers says:

    Worst blog I have ever seen.

  8. Dannyart says:

    Yo Lawrence! Finally got a chance to look at the site – really cool! I love the Mark Cohen interview, very insightful… I know Mark a little through work but never really knew he had such an involvement in the game – and just how good he is. Gonna look at the other pages later and check out the leagues too. …My money is on the Steelers tonight, and I reckon Roethlisberger will get TWO rushing touchdowns! …didn’t you say you had a tenner on Arizona? ..never mind mate, its only money!!

  9. Mrs Penny says:

    Chicago Pears for the Hall of Fame!
    (and no for those of you who do not know them I do not mean the bears!!!)

  10. SteelerSal says:

    Love your Blog!

    you just left your link at my site and I was wondering if you could put my link on your site and i’ll do the same with yours on mine to get more traffic to both sites with football right around the corner.

    Just started my website a few weeks ago and I’m slowly getting members to join.


  11. SteelerSal says:

    Lawrence, You just posted a link on my Steelers website. I was wondering if you could post mine permanantly on yours and I’ll do the same with yours on mine to create more traffic for each other.

    i just started mine a few weeks ago and I’m slowly getting members. Football is right around the corner and I’m hoping to have a good amount of fans from all teams to join.
    let me know if you like the idea.

    I like your site alot!!


  12. Fan says:

    I read your story on the TO cereal box and all about how you wanted the Flutie Flakes cereal. Well, have you considered eBay? There are SEVERAL reasonably priced Flutie Flakes original edition boxes of cereal, never opened.

  13. joey adonetto says:

    Yo Lawrence! What’s up buddy. Pleasure meeting u n the mrs in aruba last week. We r back in the states, n back 2 reality lmao. Checking out urr blog that’s what’s up man. Well feel free 2 email me back. Watching my Giants get spanked by our big bro n the colts right now. Ttyl peace

  14. Hi Lawrence, I’m a big fan of the blog. If possible could you send me a email at I’m based in Ireland and would like to talk to you about your writing.

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