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DSC02328 With a seven week old baby I have had no chance to keep this blog updated, but seeing as it is Super Bowl Sunday I have to at least give it a small go.

Here are my predictions – feel frre to copy and past your predictions in the comments section of this post.

1) Winning team? Seahawks
2) Winning margin? 3
3) Total points scored? (a point if within 6 above or below) – 51 (27-24 Seahawks)
4) First TD scorer? Montee Ball – Broncos
5) Last TD scorer? Demariyus Thomas – Broncos
6) First scoring play and team? half a point for each Seattle FG
7) Leading at halftime? (you can say tied if you want) Seattle
8) Player with most catches? Demayrius Thomas WR Broncos
9) Will there be a player record two or more sacks? yes
10) Total TDs? 6
11) Total successful field goals? 3
12) Will Demariyus Thomas get over 100 yards receiving? Yes
13) Will Marshawn Lynch get over 100 yards rushing? Yes
14) How many times will Peyton Manning say ‘Omaha’? (a point if within 5 above or below – and no I will not be taking a tally) 33
15) MVP? Marshawn Lynch – Seahawks – with 117 yards rushing 2 catches and 2 tds
16) Who will the MVP thank first in his podium interview? (e.g. God, Family, coaches, team-mates, fans, owner?) fans
17) Will Wes Welker score a TD? no
18) Will Percy Harvin still be playing after 50 minutes of game clock? yes
19) Who will be the ‘David Tyree’ unsung hero (because we all know qb’s get the MVP)?
20) Will there be a play from scrimmage over 50 yards? no
I see the Seahawks take a healthly lead and then the Broncos fight back in third before a Russell Wilson led drive and a Hauschka fg to win it as the clock runs out.
Popcorn, M&Ms and Bud’s ready – cant wait !!!