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DSC04213 Making my way towards Wembley Stadium for the first time in three years was a bit odd, as it was my first trip to the stadium without my wife for many years.

Instead I had ventured to London alone, but had the privilege of meeting up with a Minnesota native and Vikings season ticket holder for over two decades.

After some early confusion regarding car-parks we agreed to meet outside the giant inflatables. It was great to meet my pal Scott, who I had only ever know through playing an online american football game called Action PC Football.

Scott was a little shorter than I had thought from his Facebook pictures, but he certainly looked like he had been entertained by the day and nightlife of London during his week in the capital.

We walked to the NFL truck that had the Vince Lombardi Trophy inside, but the queue was over an hour long so we abandoned that and I was then forced by Scott to watch the cheerleaders who were performing outside.

After that Scott made me feel very humble as he had bought me an Adrian Peterson shirt and a Vikings top for my daughter, as well as a book on his homeland. All I could do was get him a beer, but I will be making up for this very kind gesture in the near future.

As we went to get a beer Scott told me he had spotted the Mayor of Minnesota – looking very ordinary – and took great pleasure in fist-bumping him when he walked past. Not sure I would have the courage to to go “Oi Johnson – wasuuup!” if Boris walked past.

During the beer queue Scott and I had a great NFL chat, and I said we should get our picture taken by the Booby Moore statue. It was at that point that he made me chuckle after he explained that Vikings legendary wide-receiver Ahmad Rashad who was actually born Robert Moore, but was known as Bobby Moore before he converted to Islam. Things get more bizarre when you read Rashad was married to Bill Cosby’s on screen wife from ‘The Cosby Show’ in the 1980s.

BREAKING NEWS – The NFL today announced THREE NFL games in London in 2014 – a home game for the Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Atlanta Falcons. DSC04237