Fame…..at last thanks to USA Today

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A picture I took from the last NFL game I attended in London (2010)

A picture I took from the last NFL game I attended in London (2010)

It has taken a few years to say the least but I am now starting to mix in some more influential NFL circles….well almost.

I was approached by USA Today’s London based reporter Kim Hjelmgaard by email earlier this week to see if I would offer my opinion on the NFL in London and the game this weekend. Kim had found my blog which made me very proud considering it is non-commercial and I have written every word of copy on it myself.

Kim asked me a number of questions, none any surprise, and she even looked me up on Linked In – where I have a minimal but functional profile.

I was told the article would appear on the USA Today website today, and lo and behold when I got back from work this afternoon I checked my recently downloaded USA Today app (a very easy to navigate and user-freindly app) and there was the article that I featured in.

Was very proud to think that some people will read the quotes that Kim decided were worthy for her article.

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

See you in London on Sunday – I’ll be wearing my white #81 Art Monk shirt. If you spot me come and say hello.

One little extra bonus on Sunday will be meeting a virtual friend for the first time. I run a few web based NFL game leagues and this chap Scott is a Minnesota native. I just hope I spot him as he will be one of hundreds of people wearing an Adrian Peterson Vikings jersey.

He told me that he had some Fish n Chips today near Liverpool Street Station – now all he needs to do is have a Doner Kebab with extra chilli sauce and he is in the club.


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