robert-flores Now I have to say I am a great advocate for the podcast. In fact I can quite categorically say I am addicted to listening to NFL related podcasts.

Whether it is during my train or bus commute too and from work, when putting my daughter to bed, when mowing the lawn, or when going to a supermarket alone.

It’s that bad that I find it almost impossible to go to sleep without listening to a podcast. Music tends to keep me wide awake, but the talking just relaxes me and helps me nod off.

Now my favourite podcast used to be Football Guys The Audible, but I have a new top of the podcast pops and that is the Dave Dameshek Football Program – part of the stable.

From the moment Dave says “What’s the poop fella?” you are in for a treat as he mixes fun interviews and banter with is podcast team alongside popular culture references. Kind of like Rich Eisen but with less of a swollen head.

My other podcasts that I never miss are the two staples of ESPN football podcasting – Football Today and the Fantasy Focus Football podcast.

Whilst the ESPN Fantasy Focus Football podcast has stability both in front of and behind the glass, courtesy of Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz as the presenters and the ever downtrodden Jay ‘Podvader’ Soderberg as the button pushing Patriot loving punching bag, the Football Today podcast has gone through three hosts since I have been listening.

When I first started to listen it was Jeremy Green hosting, that is the son of former Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals head-coach Dennis ‘they are who we thought they were‘ Green. Now I liked Jeremy, he was keen and entertaining,   but  at some point in 2010 he was suddenly pulled from the show with no explanation. Turns out he was arrested and charged for the possession of child pornography. In December 2011 he was sentenced to five years in prison.  I may try and crack jokes in this blog, but this warrants no humour whatsoever.

To replace Green came along Ross Finch Tucker a self-confessed journeyman former NFL offensive lineman, who played for four different teams over five seasons, making 24 starts, including no playoff appearances.

Now I did find some of the verbal abuse given by Tucker to the man behind the glass Jay Soderberg sometimes a bit too much and frankly rude at points, but I think they secretly respected each other.

Buffalo Bills v Seattle SeahawksTucker (pictured as a Buffalo Bills guard) does have a sort of hybrid Yogi Bear type accent, which makes me think he went to band-camp as a youth, but I would always listen to him as he did something many thousands of men will aspire to but never achieve, he suited up for teams in the NFL.

Just as I finally became at peace with Tucker, who over the past three years always had a presenting gap whilst his ESPN contract was negotiated, a few months ago he goes and leaves the worldwide leader in sports.

Tucker does now host his own podcast, where he sometimes speaks for 30 minutes without anyone else interjecting, but he does keep in interesting and he does get some great interviews.

He has unfortunately bought over regular former ESPN co-host Matt Williamson, who may have been a creditable NFL scout (for the Cleveland Browns) but his voice always seems too serious for 30 to 40 minutes of entertainment.

So to my point for this post, the new ahem host of the ESPN Football Today podcast, none other than former University of Houston graduate Robert Flores.

Talk about landing a great job, Flores got it, talk about DOING a great job Flores makes Ross Tucker look like a Pulitzer Prize winner.

The abysmal attempts at ‘funny’ sketches by Flores, that are shoehorned in about as comfortably as Mark Sanchez sleeps every night, are about as funny as Bill Belichick at an open-mic night. There have been three attempts so far at humour, and all have fallen flatter than if Terrence Cody was dropped on Trindon Holliday from the bleachers.

What on earth an awful impression of Vladimir Putin and jokes about Russian poverty have to do with NFL football is anyone’s guess, so I took to Twitter to tell Robert what I thought.


I’m now waiting for Mr Flores to commit to the gauntlet I have laid down for an interview.

Let’s just hope that the Putin sketches are just some sort of bad dream, and soon we will be back to some news about football that does not either revolve around Tim Tebow or how bad the New York Jets are.

  1. Chris says:

    I didn’t much care for the first few episodes, it’s definitely improved as they nixed the sketches. Some great interviews with Ray Rice, Antrel Rolle and a few others that escape me now. My favorite was an interview with NFL trainer, Travelle Gaines. Good insight and detail on off season training.

  2. I used to enjoy Football Today. Robert Flores is absolutely the worst podcast host I have ever heard. It would seem like he knows nothing about football at all. He seems to be the most lightweight host they could of hired. Jeremy, Ross and Matt all seemed very knowledgeable. Flores seems absolutely clueless. I had to stop listening.

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