What is the key to offseason NFL ‘App’iness?

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Time to get NFL 'App'y

Time to get NFL ‘App’y

I stand corrected, the NFL offseason is not a deadzone as I reported in my last post, its full of thrills and spills of drafting, free-agency and the underwear Olympics.

For those of you who actually miss NFL games as opposed to watching men running around the RCA Dome in spandex, hotly pursued by a Prada suit wearing Rich Eisen, then for those of you with smart-phones I have some trivial relief.

Like many millions of people around the globe I find it hard to live without an iPod, and only recently I actually got my first iPhone.

I waited until the monthly bill was well under £30 before I took the plunge (thanks to Carphone Warehouse in Solihull) and got an iPhone.

I do have quite a tight grip on app spending, and have to admit I haven’t paid for an app for about two years. I love to check the Free app charts each week, and I download whatever is gratis, give it a try and then keep or delete depending if I see any value.

Bearing in mind I tend to play on apps on the bus or train too and from work it has been great to finally be able to play web-based apps whilst commuting now I have an iPhone.

So to anyone new to an iPhone and wondering what I have downloaded, here are some of my favourite apps that have direct or indirect NFL association.

My most used app – Tune in Radio (cost of download FREE)

As a Redskins fan nothing beats listening live to ESPN 980 – the home of Redskins radio. Having an app where I can listen to any sports talk radio station in America is pretty damn cool. Every weekend in fact I get up early with our 16 month old daughter so that my wife gets a well deserved lie-in. After watching some CBeebies I take my daughter to the kitchen for breakfast and we listen to ‘The Sporting Life’ on ESPN 980, which is a national ESPN radio networked show. There is normally a tear-jerking feature about an athlete who has suffered either injury, adversity, or a death to a close family member or friend. It gets me weeping into the Rice Krispies every time.


My favourite apps of the new year so far – NFL All-Stars Collection, NFL Shuffle and NFL Matchups (all FREE to download)

I love collecting NFL trading cards and first fell in love with collecting cards when I was a teenager in the 1990s. I was then introduced to the world of Ebay in about 2002, and I won my first NFL card auction soon after, a rookie card featuring 2001 Heisman Trophy winning QB Eric Crouch which had a piece of leather football built into the card.

My card collecting has been put on hold with a new addition to the family in 2011, so I was very happy to find three different NFL card collecting games all available as free apps. NFL All-Stars Collection, NFL Shuffle and NFL Matchups are all similar in nature. You get a free card or cards every day you log-in, you get bonuses for consecutive days logging in and you build up your team by developing the players that are the rarest or most valuable. You can of course pay real money to get prime time player packs in all of the games, but so far I have resisted spending any money on any of the three apps apart from my wi-fi connection. I would say download all three and give them a try, you will likely find one you bond with. My favourite of the three is NFL Matchups as I love to see a player ‘evolve’, which is where you combine two of the same cards to build a better version of the player, depicted by a dual image card.

Best NFL app during the season – ESPN Score Centre (FREE to download)

This is great on an iPod, but absolutely fantastic on an iPad, as you get an image of the two players if there is a passing play, and the stats and drive information are just superior to anything offered by NFL.com. The whole interface is slicker than a greased hog at the Texas State Fair, and the bonus is you can follow all the American sports you love. Being able to slide between games on a touch screen is very satisfying and also a great way to track your fantasy team players as they either light it up for three scores or have a 15 carry for 27 yards and a fumble kind of day.

More app musings to come soon. What NFL/American Football based apps do you recommend – either free or paid for?


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