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Let’s hope we see Kirk and his big hair this Sunday

Ross Tucker may talk a lot of nonsense in his ESPN Football Today podcast, but I happen to strongly agree with one of his sentiments this week that there is no such thing as a ‘mild’ concussion. You either have a concussion or you don’t.

The Redskins star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered an alleged ‘mild’ concussion last week in a tough loss to the Atlanta Falcons. It was well documented that he could not recall the score or the quarter he was in the second time that trainers asked him to give some straight forward responses.

So what are the Redskins likely to do this weekend against the rabid Minnesota Vikings? Rest their franchise for a week and make sure any spiders are gone and not still forming cobwebs in his cranium or just bow to fan pressure and the need to get back to a .500 record by starting him for the sixth week in a row?

Looks like the Redskins are going to bring back RG3 seven days after he couldn’t tell if he was on the opening drive or performing a two-minute drill.

Big big mistake if they do decide to bring him back, and to compound this sense of doom RG3 will be restricted from his natural style of play where he uses his feet to move the chains, along with his arm.

Fellow Redskins rookie passer Kirk Cousins had a real mixed bag in his first spell of NFL action, finding a wide open Santana Moss for a huge td, but also showed his misjudgment and lack of experience with two second half interceptions.

No matter I would rather see Cousins trying his best than watching an RG3 who is thinking too hard, or maybe in some of the darker recesses not thinking at all whilst the cobwebs implanted by Sean Weatherspoon’s legal but lethal hit slowly disintegrate.

Mike and Kyle Shanahan be sensible and give RG3 an important job on Sunday……………………official clip-board holder.