Olympics are great – but its all about the pigskin

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Uncategorized


It’s been a pretty special week in my house, having been to three 2012 Olympics events, four football matches (using the round ball) in Coventry and a trip to Wimbledon for some 2nd round tennis action with my gorgeous wife and 9 month old daughter Gabriella (see pic above). 

Team GB have currently as I type got 14 gold medals, including three track and field medals earned last night in under an hour. I’m currently watching the women’s marathon as the typical British rain drizzles on our nation’s capital. 

Overall Team GB have won plenty of medals in cycling and rowing, but they have crashed and burned in events that American’s have dominated, such as swimming and basketball. 

It was with a twisted brain that I read the article on NFL.com that the Ginger Prince Goodell would like American Football to be considered as an Olympic sport. Now Team USA will likely get two gold’s for the men’s and women’s basketball, but at least other nations can compete. Lithuania’s men’s basketball team were in fact leading Team USA at various points in the 4th quarter yesterday against Kobe, LeBron et al. 

Having American Football at the Olympics would be absurd in my opinion, unless it was only open to athletes who had never signed a professional contract. Even then the likes of Nebraska, LSU and Alabama could field a team that would beat any nation in the rest of the world. 

I went to see Japan v Hounduras (see pic below) in the Olympic football (round ball variety) and it ended 0-0 with both teams playing hard and qualifying for the final eight.Image

Just imagine this was Japan v Honduras in a game of Olympic American Football. It would be more like a scene from The Replacements v Wildcats.

Roger stick to trying to get an NFL franchise in London please and give up on the Olympic dream. 

With NFL pre-season starting tonight I for one can’t wait to see some REAL football. 


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