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Sometimes you land a dream job – take for instance being a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. You are admired by thousands of fans across the world and you get paid to dance in the Florida sunshine wearing big boots, short skirts and a giant smile on your bronzed face. 

You get to meet sick children and bring some hope and some happiness into their lives, and you get to maybe even hook a big fish such as an NFL quarterback. 

Now I can pretty much guarantee that when the Dolphins Cheerleader Class of 2012 signed on the dotted line they did not picture themselves performing a high-octane routine in a car-park in Watford, England. 

Well sorry ladies that is exactly what you have to look forward too as they are coming to four Tesco supermarkets in the south of England as part of a Budweiser promotion. 

For anyone interested the Fins cheerleaders schedule is: 

  • Friday 29th June 11am – 1pm: Tesco Cheshunt, Brookfield Centre, Waltham, Herts, EN8 0TA
  • Friday 29th June 3pm – 5pm: Tesco Borehamwood, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 1JG
  • Saturday 30th June 11am – 1pm: Tesco Watford, 239-241 Lower High Street, Watford, Herts, WD17 2BD
  • Saturday 30th June 3pm – 5pm: Tesco Milton Keynes Kingston, 1 Winchester Circle, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0AH

Unfortunately I will be tied up on Saturday in Birmingham as I help in my small part to capture the Olympic Torch coming into Birmingham. 

It’s such a shame, because I cant think of anything more fun than grabbing a freshly baked poppy-seed loaf and an eyeful of Dolphins cheerleaders. 

P.S – If my wife for any bizarre reason ever reads this post the sentence above was for comical effect and was in no way how I would behave, she knows I prefer a crusty baguette.