NFL FAN IN ENGLAND 2011 NFL Predictions

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Did anyone say a green and gold dynasty?

Its under a week until my life on a Sunday actually has meaning.

Whilst I love going out to eat or watching a blue ray movie, nothing in this world beats that feeling that from 6pm UK time (1pm est) knowing ahead there is three NFL games in a row on my television set.

Nothing beats NFL football and aside from fantasy football there is no more fun than making a whole load of crazy predictions that you can use as a stick to beat me once my favourites crash and burn by about week 10. Regardless here goes with my annual gaze into the crystal ball of fate.

Division winner predictions 2011

AFC East – Patriots

AFC West – Chargers

AFC North – Ravens

AFC South – Texans

AFC wild cards – Jets and Raiders

NFC East – Cowboys

NFC West – Rams

NFC North – Packers

NFC South – Falcons

NFC Wild Card – Eagles and Saints

AFC Championship – Jets at Patriots

NFC Championship – Eagles at Packers

Super Bowl XLVI – Patriots @ Packers

Super Bowl XLVI winners – Packers to repeat

NFL MVP – Aaron Rodgers QB Packers

Comeback MVP – Matthew Stafford QB Lions

Offensive rookie of the year – Mark Ingram RB Saints

Defensive rookie of the year – Patrick Petersen CB Cardinals

Biggest surprise team – Oakland Raiders

Biggest disappointment – Indianapolis Colts

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