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Love the confidence Sexy Rexy !

Gotta love it now we have NFL athletes suiting up and hitting each other in the mouth, even if it is just the first week of the 2011 pre-season.

We have already experienced the 100th false dawn of Redskins optimism after Rex Grossman predicted a Washington division crown this season.

Yes Rex looked steady against the Steelers last week, but if the Steelers had played any more vanilla they would have changed the name of ice cream to honour their conformity to not giving anything away.

Here are a few of my early observations:

  • The delightful Bill Belichick  decided trying to get 50 points in the pre-season would somehow install the Patriots as the red hot Super Bowl favourites.
  • The Houston Texans seem to have run out of running backs, with Derrick Ward, Arian Foster, Ben Tate and Steve Slaton all needing some sort of treatment. At this rate we could be getting used to Chris Ogbonnaya as a household name. RB Ogbonnaya is that well respected by the Texans they dont even have his picture ready on his official profile page – see here.