My birthday wish – Edward Spoon Hands

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I love my cake but I'd like one more present today

Had a terrific birthday today, thanks to my beautiful wife, who got me an awesome new camera, some nice aftershave and the Apocalypse Now box-set.

I cant help being greedy though, as I still have one more birthday wish – free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards becoming a Washington Redskins player.

The Redskins have been active in free agency in the past week, but none of the names have been up there with previous movement (such as Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Albert Haynesworth etc).

The players picked up have been solid but all unspectacular. CB Josh Wilson, NT Barry Cofield, WR Jabbar Gaffney, OG Chris Chester, P Sav Rocca, WR Donte Stallworth.

Not much Pro Bowl potential there, but mostly all upgrades on what we had take to the field last season.

Despite signing two WR and re-signing Santana the smurf Moss we still miss a gamebreaker, someone who could bust open a hitch for 80 yards or catch a 50 yard bomb.

The best FA WR was Santioni Holmes but he is now busy swigging champagne in the Big Apple. His running mate is the player we simply have to target.

Providing Braylon cuts of that tramp beard (or doesn’t grow another) he could be a big fan favourite in D.C.

Come on Dan and Mike – its not like I’m asking for much – just spend about £30m on a 5 year deal for Braylon and my birthday will be even more superb than it already is.


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