Have some respect – Don’t ‘Show me the agent’ at Canton

Posted: July 12, 2011 in NFL
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The always shy Deion Sanders during a quiet Sunday before prayers

I am starting to lose the plot with this NFL lockout which is now 119 days old.

With no free agency activity and no OTAs (organised team activities) there is no real news.

One little item on NFL.com did get my blood boiling though.

I love the whole Hall of Fame thing, the history, the respect, the honour, the prestige and the stories that go behind what turned a mortal NFL athlete to a Hall of Fame legend.

So to read that both ‘Neon’ Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk, two extremely worthy Hall of Fame inductees, have asked their agents to conduct their induction introduction speeches is about as wise as taking Plaxico Burress and an AK-47 to a disco.

Neither player needed an agent at Pee Wee level, neither had an agent at high school, neither had and agent at College (until they graduated – yeah right).

Are you telling me that of all the people in the world neither had a relative, a former teacher, a former coach, a former colleague at any level or some other positive influence on their life to help mark their indelible impact on the NFL landscape?

If I was being inducted into a Hall of Fame for my profession (marketing/public relations/communications) I would not be considering having someone from the accounts department or from human relations, I would not bother with any of my former bosses either. I would ask my wife to induct me, after all she is the reason I get up in the morning and earn money to pay the bills, and is one of under 10 people on this planet that I know, love and respect.

I think Marshall and Deion are sticking up a big middle digit, complete with Super Bowl winners rings, to the people that really made the difference in their lives, their family and their coaches.

One word for them both – classsless.


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