This is one bit of Super Bowl bling that makes my eyes sting

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This bling is making my eyes sting

I love Super Bowl rings.

I love their gaudiness, their extra-terrestrial size, the jewels, the descriptions on the sides.

I love the clever way they reflect the number of Super Bowls a team has won.

I have had the pleasure of seeing every Super Bowl ring, after the NFL sent them over to London in 2009 and 2010 as part of the pre game festivities for the regular season International Series in England.

It was with some sense of childish anticipation that I wanted to see the next instalment of this legacy of bling.

The Packers were going to mark their fourth Super Bowl title this offseason, having held open the Steel Curtain long enough to get the pigskin to glide through ground and air in a more efficient way than their opponents in the 45th World Title game.

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers deserved a ring that was worthy of a legacy that covers both the past and present, an item that screams Lombardi and softly speaks Sherman.

What the Packers team has ended up with is a hideous piece of costume jewellery that looks like some bit of aluminium tat that would make even  Zsa Zsa Gabor choke on her diamond encrusted Flutie Flakes.

I ‘get’ the four football shaped diamonds in the four corners of the front area of the ring, but the volume of diamonds around the face and throughout the ‘G’ logo look like the whole ring has been dipped in a bucket of broken glass.

Yes the ring is the superficial showpiece for Super Bowl winners, but if I had sweated blood and tears, overcome the adversity of being the lowest playoff seed, got past some of the worst injury jinx in years and finally shook the shadow of a future Hall of Fame quarterback who should have retired I would expect something better looking than the lead and glass ensemble that is the Superbowl XLV winners ring.

What do you all think ? Am I way off the mark or is this the worst Super Bowl ring design in 45 years?


  1. Philip says:

    I’m not familiar enough with past Super Bowl rings to definitely say this one is the worst ever. However, surely Aaron Rodgers deserves something better than this after emerging from Farve’s shadow as he did.

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