First round musings or should that be Ponder-ings

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ponder was perhaps the biggest shock at #12 to the Purple People Eaters

Not quite sure how I am awake at the moment. I kept awake until after 4am this morning in England eating ice lollies called Nobbly Bobblys watching a fascinating first round of the 2011 NFL draft.

I was then up 4 hours later to start watching coverage of Wills and Kate with my wife, before going out for a rather civilised ‘afternoon tea’ at a local hotel and leisure club. Man the scones were tasty.  This was followed up this evening with some Fish and Chips – how British!

Anyway enough nonsense about princes and paupers and on to Peterson’s Pouncey’s and Ponder’s.

This was a fun first round, from the aggression of the Falcons war room to nab Julio Jones, to the fact four gunslingers went off the board in the first 12 picks.

I’m left wondering many thoughts, including:

  • Will the Redskins regret not trading up to get either Jake Locker or Blaine Gabbert
  • Will the Vikings regret selecting Christian Ponder at #12 – a move forced on them by the Panthers, Titans and Jags
  • If Nick Fairley is as good in the NFL as he was in the NCAA in 2010 the Lions are a 2011 playoff team
  • Did the Saints come out of Round #1 as the biggest winners – getting Emmit Smith clone Mark Ingram at #28

My top 3 picks I loved: 
Phil Taylor DT to Browns at #21 – Browns played the first round like a fiddler on a roof, and getting the best NT in the country was a disciplined and bold move
Jimmy Smith CB to Ravens at #27 – This guy is a ‘playa’ and his character flaws will vanish in Baltimore thanks to Sir Lewis
Patrick Peterson CB to Cardinals at #5 – Another beast of a CB. Arizona could have gone qb but they made a very disciplined pick here and went talent over most urgent need

My top 3 picks I cringed at:
Cam Newton QB at #1 to the Panthers – The best long -term prospect on the board was Marcel Dareus DT
James Carpenter OL at #25 to the Seahawks – Seattle need a qb for 2012 and this was the time to get Andy Dalton
Tyron Smith OT at #9 to the Cowboys – This was a bit of a reach, Amakamura CB or JJ Watt would have been much better value for $

I think I have runs out of Nobbly Bobbly’s for the next few rounds tonight – i’ll have to stick to the Sprite Zero.

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