NFL Fan in England’s 2011 Mock NFL Draft Round 1

Posted: April 28, 2011 in 2011 NFL Draft, NFL, NFL Fantasy
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Carolina to do the right thing and get Dareus??

I wont be winning $10m from Budweiser by predicting correctly all 32 picks but hey if you don’t buy a ticket you cant take part in the dance.

Here goes my annual leap into the pool of humiliation……..NFL Fan in England’s mock NFL Draft Round 1 2011.

Team – Predicted player, position, note.

1) Panthers – Marcel Dareus DT – This will be a minor shock but Dareus could do a Warren Sapp in Carolina

2) Broncos – Von Miller OLB – Broncos to give Tebow a chance and try and get defense upgraded

3) Bills – Cam Newton QB – Stunning move as Bills decide to get a new gunslinger to reverse fortunes

4) Bengals – Blaine Gabbert QB – This is possibly where Redskins trade up to but if not Bengals get their QB

5) Cardinals – Patrick Petersen CB – Cards need help in many places this is a best on board pick

6) Browns – AJ Green WR – Cleveland get the best WR in the draft

7) 49ers – Cameron Jordan DE – 49ers make their strong d-line even tougher

8) Titans – Nick Fairely DT – Titans get the next DL stud to stomp on ghost of fat Albert

9) Cowboys – Prince Amukamara CB – Cowboys need a new leader in the secondary

10) Redskins – Jake Locker QB – Only on the basis that Gabbert is gone and Redskins didn’t trade up

11) Texans – JJ Watt DE – The guy is like a human octopus arms everywhere and a big help to Super Mario

12) Vikings – Robert Quinn DE – Vikes wall is crumbling, now is the time to tear it down and start again

13) Lions – Tyron Smith OT – Lions are building up nicely and Smith will be an immediate starter

14) – Rams – Julio Jones WR – Rams smile as Jones surprisingly lands in their lap

15) Dolphins – Aldon Smith DE – Fins need quality injection in the d-line

16) Jaguars – Anthony Constanzo OT – Someone has to make holes for MJD and Rashad Jennings

17) Patriots – Mark Ingram RB – Green Ellis the Law Firm is not the answer, Ingram is.

18) Chargers – Mike Pouncey – OL – If he is as good as his twin Chargers are happy bunnies

19) Giants – Gabe Carimi OL – Giants o-line is old and Carimi is a workhorse lunch pail type.

20 ) Bucs – Corey Liuget DT – Tampa Bay combine McCoy and Liuget to form a formidable wall.

21) Chiefs – Da’Quan Bowers DE – KC pick best person on their board

22) Colts – Phil Taylor DT – Colts get serious on d-line with a big big blocker

23) Eagles – Muhammed Wilkerson DT – Bit of a surprise but Eagles always value d-line strenght

24) Saints – Akeem Ayers – Saints need a spark at LB, and Ayers can light it up

25) Seahawks – Jimmy Smith CB – Character concerns go out the window – fans no longer sleepless

26) Ravens – Jonathan Baldwin WR – Time for the Ravens to get a fresh face and a successor to Mason

27) Falcons – Stephen Paea DT – Falcons d-line is ok but this will start to make it special

28) Patriots – Ryan Kerrigan DE – Pats say thankyou very much.

29) Bears – Danny Watkins OG – The whole world knows the Bears need to upgrade offensive line

30) Jets – Marvin Austin DL – The Jets get someone who will help from  right now

31) Steelers – Cam Heyward DE – Steelers like nothing better than boosting the d-line

32) Packers – Mikel Leshure RB – Surprising but Packers wont get him by end of 2nd.

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Nice to see some interest overseas and really good mock man. Mocks are definitely tough, especially for us guys without any inside sources but really anyone’s guess is as good pretty much. There’s so many variables and there’s always stuff happening in the draft so no one really knows what’s going to happen. Obviously, I disagree with you on a few of yours up there but for the most part I think you’ve done a pretty solid job with this one. Like, I think I would have Locker go a bit higher and also Ingram at #28 instead of #17 to the Pats if you’re going to give him to the Pats. But overall very well done. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

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