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Lets hope the fashion police don't need to arrest players in 2011 like they did back in 1987

It’s that time of year when sports fans are either licking their chops in anticipation of the new MLB season, or engrossed in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament.

Personally I don’t care about college hoops and I simply don’t have the time in my busy schedule of life to fully understand or appreciate baseball, so what am I left with?

Well after the NFL owners and NFL players went into ‘lockout’ mode, the answer is not a fat lot.

I don’t know about you but even the 2011 NFL draft has lost some of it’s sex appeal, due to the doom and gloom of the lockout.

Here in England we are facing the reality that we are very unlikely to get a fifth consecutive year with a regular season NFL game being played at Wembley Stadium.

Yes it’s not high on the agenda but losing the momentum that has seen the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Philip Rivers come and play a game in London is kinda depressing.

I’m going to have to try and remove the dark cloud that is currently floating above my head, and focus on the upcoming draft.

The problem is that if players are locked out and ‘decertified’ then it looks like they cannot be used as trade bait? Or can they? Someone please help me with this.

For those of you who read this post outside of England you won’t appreciate that on top of an NFL lockout there is also absolutely diddly squat on tv at the moment. No 24, no Lost, no real epic shows.

If anyone has any recommendations for me to stop my depression then please let me know.

Lets just hope the draft is not adversely affected by the lockout and we get back to some NFL glitz and glamour sharpish.

More hitting Redskins players for Atogwe (even if this time it will be in training camp)

Finally we are starting to see some significant offseason movement.

Firstly as I type I read on that the supposed ‘lockout’ has been delayed by 24 hours as more negotiations take place. Having witnessed the strike shortened 1987 season I know that neither the players nor the NFL owners will want to back down in a hurry. I just hope for so many reasons that the people who are around the table are continuing to talk and are not just sampling donuts, whilst us fans around the world get more and more depressed.

Secondly I’m gland to see a bit of player movement, even if it is not A grade movement.

  • The Redskins, always there at the front of the FA queue, decided to sign former Rams safety O.J Atogwe. Atogwe is a turnover causing machine who plays his heart out. The former 1st round pick (in the CFL !) has been a solid contributer in St Louis and will be an immediate improvement over the likes of Reed Doughty and Kareem Moore. 38 forced turnovers and 5 sacks in under five full seasons starting is pretty impressive.
  • Elsewhere the woeful Panthers upgraded their impotent offense with the veteran, but oft injured, tight end Jeremy Shockey. Just over 12 months ago Shockey caught a touchdown in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl for the New Orleans Saints. His reward – the axe. The Saints saw their future at TE and his name was Jimmy Graham. Shockey can still be a big game player but his downfall is the fact he has never made it through a 16 game regular season unscathed. Shockey’s catches per season have been on a decline for the past four seasons, due in part to three years on a Saints team that likes to distribute passes to anything with hands. The Panthers could have another rookie starting in 2011, and they will need Shockey to be loitering 10 yards upfield on a regular basis.

Now its time to collectively hold our breath as NFL fans and see if Roger the Dodger can avoid a complete disaster……..