Welcome one more Redskin to the Hall of Fame (plus Deion !)

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the Hall Mr Hanburger

Delighted to read that another former Washington Redskins star has made it into the house of NFL legends.

Congratulations Chris Hanburger for reaching the NFL Hall of Fame – Class of 2011.

Hanburger served 14 seasons in the NFL, playing one of the lead roles in the ‘Skins ‘Over the Hill Gang’ who reached Super Bowl VII and almost took away the perfect season from the Miami Dolphins in 1972.

Nine Pro Bowl appearances and 4 times a first team All Pro shows what a warrior the former North Carolina product was.

One little history lesson – one that is impossible for anyone to repeat in the 21st century NFL – Hanbuger was an 18th round draft pick. No this is not a typing error, Hanburger was picked up 245th in the 1965 NFL draft.

From that humble beginning to a bronze bust permanently on display in Canton is one helluva achievement. NFL Fan In England salutes you.

I also mustn’t forget  another former Redskins defender who also became a member of the exclusive HOF club, namely Deion Sanders.

Most famous for his time with the 49ers and the Cowboys, Sanders played the 2000 season as a Redskins cornerback, recording four interceptions, and 25 punt returns.

Congratulations both – it’s reassuring that Redskins fans can celebrate the past, lets home sometime soon we can celebrate the present.

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