Bill Belicchick you truly are an idiot. Not only do you crash out of the playoffs again, you looked like a petulant child in the last minute of the 2011 Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Calling three time-outs with a 20 point deficit was simply pathetic. It did however lead to one of the most bizarre touchdowns in NFL history.

The AFC offensive line and NFC defensive line had given up and were exchanging golf course tips by the time Matt Cassel dropped back and heaved a late pass to Dwayne Bowe.

It was then that Bowe laterelled to double touchdown mega-stud full back Montell Owens (who????).  Owen in his infinite wisdom ran a few yards and rugby passed it to Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack.

Mack’s face lit up like the Grizwold’s house on Christmas Day as he ran down the left sideline, past a defender and into the endzone.

Coach Belichick that SIX point play meant you were still FOURTEEN points behind. Maybe it is time to utter the words that no Patriots fan wants to hear – maybe its time for Coach Bill to give up the clipboard as a head coach.

After all what sane man would call three time outs when you are 20 down with under a minute left in a meaningless exhibition game.

  1. voodoovos says:

    I live in England. You live wherever you like. I repeat I live in England. England is a country in the UK and GB. Are you an angry person in Scotland?

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