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Old man Brett Favre has had time finally catch up with him.

I’m still not quite believing it until I see the play by play on, but it seems Brett Favre’s consecutive regular season streak is finally over.

297 games in a row is an achievement that I don’t think an NFL quarterback will ever be able to top.

Favre even by his own standards has to admit the 2010 season has not been hist best.

Under 12 months ago Favre was one drive away from a Super Bowl, defying all the odds, something he has done for 20 years until today.

Watching Monday Night countdown on ESPN Favre did look a peace with the fact he will not be playing – he looked glad that the circus will finally be leaving town, what with the fact his tent (Metrodome) has collapsed.

Yes the gods tried to buy Favre an additional 24 hours to recover by using their chosen weapon of snow to rip a hole in the roof of the Vikings stadium.

Alas it was not enough as Favre turned out to be human after all.

20 seasons for the ol’ gunslinger is remarkable and NFL FAN IN ENGLAND would like to pay respect to Brett Favre for each and every one of those 297 starts.

See you in Canton in 2016 Brett………..unless you are planning to comeback in 2011.