Facebook Madden my new habit – addictive as crack

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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My Facebook Madden NFL Superstars team - work to do !

I can’t believe it has been about a month since I last posted to my blog, so before I go any further can I apologise to anyone who viewed this and found no new content.

Do I blame myself or my wife – no, I blame a man who used to coach the Oakland Raiders and who is now retired from commentating on NFL football.

John Madden has hit Facebook and his rather addictive ‘Madden NFL Superstars’ game has me hooked like a crack whore.

I have gone from about 15 genuine Facebook friends to approximately 1,000 friends – none of which I know personally nor have ever met or even spoken  to.

The reason I have over 900 pretend friends is because they give me free ‘Madden Gifts’ that mean I can expand the size of my stadium or add to my Madden bank balance.

I do admit to spending a bit of real money to buy some players, but as it is now Christmas time I will have to rely on my fake friends to help me enhance my team.

I love the fact there is two main aspects to the game – firstly playing games and winning Super Bowls, and secondly you use the players that are not in your squad to go into your ‘card collection’. Once you complete a team set you can trade it for a very rare ‘elite’ card.

Anyone who wants to be my Facebook friend and play Madden NFL Superstars is welcome, my Facebook site is here.


  1. Anyone who wants to be my Facebook friend and play Madden NFL Superstars is welcome
    I want. but the website you given is wrong

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