Rice and easy does it for the Ravens

Posted: September 8, 2010 in NFL, NFL Fantasy, NFL International, NFL Playoffs
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Ray Rice - my prediction for Super Bowl MVP in 2011

With a few days to go until my life finally has some meaning I thought it best to give my annual NFL predictions.

Super Bowl XLV is just 5 short months away so that’s around 20 weeks to tell me how bad my crystal ball gazing skills are.

I’m going for the following division winners and playoff entrants;


East – New York Jets

North – Baltimore Ravens

South – Indy Colts

West – Denver Broncos

Wild Cards – Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots


East – Dallas Cowboys

North – Green Bay Packers

South – New Orleans Saints

West – San Francisco 49ers

Wild Cards – Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins

AFC Championship – Colts to lose at Ravens

NFC Championship – Vikings to win at Packers

SUPER BOWL XLV – Baltimore Ravens v Minnesota Vikings

SUPERBOWL XLV winners – Baltimore Ravens – MVP Ravens RB Ray Rice

League MVP – Aaron Rodgers Packers QB

Offensive Rookie of the Year – CJ Spiller RB Bills

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Rolando McClain LB Raiders

Comeback Player of the Year – Mike Williams WR Seahawks

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  2. ssolo21 says:

    I like the Mike Williams pick as comeback player of the year. I think he could have good season this year for these reasons.
    1) Somebody believes in him (i.e. making him their number 1 receiver
    2)He is back with Pete Carroll and I think he has found his comfort zone in seattle
    3)He has HUGE hands. (I met him once and his hand was the biggest I have ever seen!)

  3. ssolo21 says:

    Also, I hope you have the falcons making the playoffs now!!

  4. fog says:

    Division picks aint going so well!!!

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