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Hernandez landed in the ideal situation

Not one to get excited by watching pre-season NFL football, even I have had wry grin on my face after reading and listening to reports about Patriots rookie tight end Aaron Hernandez.

The former Florida Gator is already being targeted by Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady more than a straw bale circle at an archery contest.

I run two full 55 man roster fantasy leagues, and in both leagues I picked up Hernandez in the rookie drafts.

Man do I feel good about that situation right now.

My prediction for Hernandez’s rookie NFL stats are realistic, I’m going for 40 catches and 400 yards and 3 touchdowns.

I have a gut feeling those inked arms will be making a few highlight reel catches before we even hit October.

Having caught balls from Tim Tebow (in college), adapting to his unique throwing style, Hernandez will now have to reprogram his hands to catch from one of the NFL’s greatest.

I know the Patriots drafted another TE higher than Hernandez in the 2010 Draft, namely Rob Gronkowski, but the style of play in New England is better suited to the multi-dimensional Mr H.

Rumour has it the Patriots will be using a 3 TE set, moving Hernandez around the field, from TE to slot WR to HB/FB.

If that happens my predictions could be exceeded.

With Randy Moss streaking downfield,Wes Welker back fit, and guys like Julian Eldleman looking for targets, there will be plenty of times that Hernandez will be marked by a linebacker or a slow safety. It all adds up for a spectacular rookie season.

If Hernandez translates his pre-season potential into regular season results then he could be looking at more than a pat on the back come January 2011.

What do YOU think of Hernandez’s prospects as a rookie?

Favre watch is over for another year - whoopee!

You know when real NFL football is within touching distance when some old granddad decides to wake up from his six month coma and say ‘lets win a Lombardi Trophy’.

Bottom line ‘It’s baaaaack’.

I think even the NFL media have tried to remain subdued about #4 returning to the rigmarole of regular season football.

Whilst I refuse to acknowledge Brett Favre until he gets on a plane and gets into a locker room, now I know he has agreed to play in 2010 I have nothing but respect.

Favre’s streak of starting games is now at a mind-bending 285 games, and with only Bruce Matthews ahead of him, with 292 starts, Brett’s game in New England in Week 8, if he makes it that far, will make him the most prolific starter in NFL history.

To put this record in context, there are NO other quarterbacks in the top 10 of players with consecutive starts. The second highest ranked QB is Dan Marino, who ended his streak at 240.

Favre impressed me last year, taking his Purple People Eaters to the NFC championship. I have a feeling he could go one stage further this season.

The Minnesota defense is in a situation where it is now or never,  but the only way the Vikings will be playing in Super Bowl XLV (editor’s note – man it’s cool to have my initials in the Superbowl !) is if their offensive line keeps #4 upright for 19 games.

It doesn’t feel right to go into an NFL season without Favre slinging that pigskin, something us NFL fans have been watching since 1992.

What a streak, what a guy. He deserves another ring, and this season truly is the last chance saloon.

Mr Favre, strap on the gun belt, pull up those cowboy boots and flick the hat up – it’s almost time to go into battle.

TO and Ocho Cinco = Fun Fun Fun

We are at last getting near to some highly paid athletes putting on their kit and bashing the crap out of each other for real.

This off-season has been more painful than a boil on the bottom, but we are now in a month where there will be some proper NFL football played, albeit pre-season football.

Of the many moves that have taken place, outside the insane signing bonuses given to 2010 rookies, the Bengals signing TO has to be one of the most intriguing.

Ocho Cinco and TO on the field, along with Jermaine Gresham, Antonio Bryant, Andre Caldwell and Cedric Benson should be enough to put a cheshire cat like grin on the face of Carson Palmer.

I have to confess that whilst I have been a Redskins fan since 1985, I have always had a second team. That team is the Bengals.

Maybe it’s the kit, maybe it’s their two Super Bowl appearances, maybe it’s the legends such as Chris Collinsworth, David Fulcher, Dan Ross, Ickey Woods and James Brooks.

TO suiting up in the tiger stripes combined with the funniest man in the NFL Is gonna be pure box office.

I cannot wait to see what they do when one of them scores a touchdown.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • The first one to score has his shoes shined by the other
  • They combine to do some sort of break-dance/electric boogaloo
  • They re-enact a scene in a restaurant where ons serves a football up to the other

Why don’t you reply to this post with your suggestions………….