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Tebow is heading for the land of fish and chips


I have the blues, I shouldn’t, because we have had some good weather here in England and we have a World Cup ongoing and my teams are still alive (Holland and England as I am half Dutch).

Maybe its the fact that we are not at the knockout stage of the World Cup or maybe its because its that slooooooow period in the NFL where not much is happening.

It’s over four months until I get to see my fourth consecutive live NFL regular season game in London.

When the game was announced earlier in the year I was a little disappointed, as I was hoping to see someone with a recent playoff pedigree such as the Indianapolis Colts or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, in late June, after the 2010 draft, and entering OTA (organised team activities) I am buzzing with anticipation.

I’ll review both the Broncos and the 49ers draft in more detail over the next few months, but any team that decides to trade away half its future for Tim ‘the golden boy with the weird throwing style who talks about abortions on TV but has so far sold the most replica shirts this offseason’ Tebow has to make life a bit spicier.

I’m sure the last thing on Tebow’s mind is a trip to Buckingham Palace followed by a warm pint of London Pride and some jellied eels, but low and behold he will be on his way to fair old London town in October.

I’ll be fascinated to see if the English media pick up on the whole Tebow situation, even if the Daily Mail don’t do a feature NFLFANINENGLAND sure will.

I’m pushing the Broncos media department to see if I can get an interview with Tebow, fingers crossed I get a positive result before we get to the pre-season.

Dez is no longer a Cowboy in my fantasy league

Been very quiet on the ol’ blog in the last month, but then again it is the offseason and some tournament is taking place in South Africa that seems to be deflecting attention from the NFL.

The football highlight for me in the last month has been taking part in a fantasy rookie draft in one of the Action PC Football leagues I created back in 2006 (each team has a 55 man roster).

Having 8 picks in the top 100 is quite a luxury, but I did have to make trades to get three of those picks, and I did lose pick #81 to move up from #9 to #5.

My target with the #5 pick was Cowboys first round pick Dez Bryant, and lucky for me he was there and waiting for me when I had my first of 8 picks.

After that I went and got five consecutive defensive players, and in my humble opinion I got five guys that can all be impact players in 2010 and beyond.

Here are the five D studs I landed:

Derrick Morgan DE – supposedly the most NFL ready DE in the draft

Sergio Kindle OLB – A speed pass-rusher in the Orakpo mould

Taylor Mays S – This guy was projected to be a top 3 pick a year ago – he will have a point to prove

Terrence ‘Mount’ Cody DT – This guy is a monster and in a Ravens uniform he will look scary

Javier Arenas CB/RET – My second ‘Bama player, Arenas should be a stud returner as a rook

In our final round (each round is 20 picks) I managed to snag Gator legend and Mackey Award winner TE Aaron Hernandez, and with my final pick I swooped for Northwestern DE Corey Wootten, all 6 feet 7 inches of him.

My team will not reap any benefits from this draft until 2011, as the picks made now will not play in the league (the AMFL – Art Monk Football League) until they have completed their rookie season in the NFL.

I cant wait until September. Anyone got any comments on my picks?