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Super Bowl XLIV MVP Drew Brees 32 completions were all things of beauty

Say it loud and say it proud the New Orleans Saints are Super Bowl champions.

The Aints tag is gone forever, after the Saints scored 25 second half points against the favoured Indianapolis Colts.

Yes this is Louisiana’s time, and for owner Tom Benson it is a dream that has come true.

I loved Drew Brees coolness after going 10 points down in the first period, and I loved Tracey Porter’s pick six, but Sean Payton’s decision to go for that onside kick showed bigger balls than a man with a broken leg doing the Pamplona Bull Run.

Now Drew Brees will get the headlines but to me there was one guy who the New Orleans Saints owe a game ball to, special teams dynamo Chris Reis #39.

Reis recovered an early Courtney Roby kick return fumble and then was at the bottom of the Super Bowl’s biggest ever pile to recover that third quarter onside kick. He also got at least one special teams tackle that I can remember.

Chris Reis take a bow my friend you are a Super Bowl champion and you will soon be fitted for a ring with a Saints logo and probably the phrase ‘ Who dat’.

For the Saints the ‘Who dat’ tag is now gone forever – they are champions.

Time for bed for me here in England as it has just gone 3.00am.

PS – I did predict a Saints win and Brees to be MVP !!!

Well it’s half-time and the Colts are just about leading the Saints 10-6.

Big incidents so far:

  • Gary Brackett’s goal line tackle
  • Dwight Freeney’s momentum killing sack
  • The lone td from Manning to Garcon – picking on Usama Young
  • The fact the Colts owned Q1 and the Saints owned Q2
  • Garrett Hartley has been money on his 2 field goals – he has been ice cold
  • Matt Stover becoming the oldest man ever to play and score in a Super Bowl

Boy do The Who suck – I have them on mute as I type. Just because Janet showed a bit of nipple we now have all these old bastards.

Lets hope the game gets some more points in the second half.

Still all to play for………………….