It's gonna be hog day here in Birmingham - Congratulations Russ

Seeing the joy on the faces of the Colts and Saints fans two weeks ago made being a Redskins fan even harder.

I was forced to cast my mind back to the 1980s when the Redskins were good, and led by a bunch of men who were affectionately known as ‘The Hogs’.

Some hardcore fans called ‘The Hogettes’ still turn up to Fed Ex Field every season, donning dresses and pig noses, paying respect to this legendary offensive line.

Whilst the Redskins are light years away from a return to glory it is fantastic news that Superbowl Sunday 2010 is going to have a small part of the festivities devoted to Russ Grimm, one of ‘The Hogs’.

Grimm was drafted in the 3rd round of the 1981 draft, and by the end of his career he had played in four Super Bowls, winning three.

Well done Mr Grimm – you deserve your bust in Canton very close to Art Monk’s.

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