It may have taken over 6o minutes for Adams to make a good play but boy did he make it count

As I watched in awe last Sunday night as the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers racked up the points (in their NFL Wild Card game) like a serial offending drunk driver I couldn’t fail to notice one man looked to be having a nightmare of Elm Street proportions.

Cardinals defensive back Michael Adams simultaneously looked lost at sea, was paddling upstream without a paddle and was in charge of his own proverbial rudderless boat (not sure where all the oceanic references are from).

Play after play he was either committing a defensive penalty, getting burned by the likes of Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley or getting substituted.

After some plays I just wanted him to get hurt so he wouldn’t have to come back on the field to be victimized by Aaron Rodgers.

The result of Adam’s lack of coverage skills – the Packers mount a mind-blowing comeback and we go into overtime in the highest scoring NFL playoff game in league history.

Green Bay won the toss, and with scores standing at 45-45, it looked like it was going to be a case of first team to get the ball would go 80 yards for the winning score.

Aaron Rodgers took the reins at the start of the drive and began to move the ball, but a huge holding call on Calais Campbell forced the Pack into 3rd and long.

Back goes Rodgers into the pocket, and out of nowhere comes the one man curse, the Frank Spencer of the NFL, Michael Adams the blitzing demon defensive back.

Adams managed to administer the perfect hit on Rodgers, which dislodged the ball, that was subsequently plucked from the air by Karlos Dansby and returned for the winning score.

This to me was the personification of never giving up. Adams must have felt so bad after 60 minutes of ‘hide behind your hands’ football ineptitude, that he channelled all his energy into that blitz that shattered the dreams of thousands of Wisconsin residents.

Could this be the start of a second dream run for the Cardinals? You know what I wouldn’t put it past them, and I would’t put it past Adams doing something game changing against the Saints this weekend.


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